The Ashkenazi Suicide Path

By Padraig Martin for Identity Dixie

I am not someone on the Dissident Right who hates all Jews.  I am well aware of Jewish Supremacism and the strong links between the dismantlement of Western Civilization and the ascendancy of Jewish elites.  That stated, I view this inversion through the lens of political realism and nature.  Jewish elites are working on behalf of their respective tribal affiliation.  That is natural.  Rather than hate them for it, we should be studying from them, learning, and working for our own interests.  If Southerners engaged in ethno-nepotism as the Jews do, we would not be in the predicament we find ourselves today.  But there is a strange quality to the actions of Jewish elites that needs to be recognized for what it is: Jewish people, whether they are engaged in Jewish Supremacism or not, are inviting their own destruction by dismantling a society within which they uniquely thrive.  I call this The Ashkenazi Suicide Path.

To begin, it is important to understand who the Ashkenazi are and why they are being uniquely set-up for irreversible harm by the actions of those ostensibly working on their behalf.  First, Judaism is a religion, but being Jewish is an ethnicity.  This is hard for Christians to understand because they typically disassociate ethnicity and faith.  For example, among Whites, one may be both an Anglo-Saxon and an Episcopalian, two distinct entities.  Perhaps the closest thing to the Jewish intertwined identity is found among Irish-Catholics.  I will always be an ethnic Irish-Catholic, even though I am no longer a Catholic (I find more in common theologically with Presbyterianism).  For Jews, being Jewish is an all-encompassing construct that is both cultural and genetic, even when they do not practice the faith.

Jews favor the matrilineal blood relationship.  This embrace of matrilineality means that a Jewish family would view the offspring of an ethno-Christian male (e.g., Norwegian-Lutheran) and a Jewish woman as being a Jewish child, even if the child were raised Christian.  The child will never become “un-Jewish,” and if the child is a female, her offspring will be Jewish, too, even if raised Lutheran.  Conversely, if the product of the marriage were reversed, and the child was raised Jewish, conservative Jews would not view the child as Jewish – he or she is just honoring their Jewish heritage.

Recognizing the importance of the intertwined ethno-religious identity of Jews, it is then important to understand that there are two primary Jewish ethnic lines: Ashkenazi and Sephardic.  Approximately 95% of all Jews are Ashkenazi.  Only 5% of Jews are Sephardic.  Sephardic Jews have their origins in the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa.  These two sets of Jews are distinct.  Whereas most on the Dissident Right focus on modern Jews, who are primarily Ashkenazi, the Ashkenazi Jews were barely a blip on the European radar until about the 14th Century.  Sephardic Jews who worked in tandem with Muslims to help conquer the West, are those with whom early Western European Christian-Jewish interaction originated.  For those Christians who may be confused as to why Jews and Muslims would work together, it is important to understand that Muslims and Sephardic Jews have almost always worked together, because Muslims consider Jews “of the Book” (the Bible) and Muslims believe they have a shared Abrahamic lineage.  One needs only to read the Constitution of Medina to understand Mohammed’s feelings on the protected status of Jews.  But Sephardic Jews, although far less so today, once looked down upon the Ashkenazi.

There are a whole list of origin references about the Ashkenazi, ranging from some who say they originated in Germany to others who state they were a Turkic tribe that suddenly embraced Judaism in the later portion of the first millennium.  Wikipedia, which frequently peddles misinformation, offers several origin points.  In fact, the Ashkenaz are referenced in Genesis 10:3 – likely written about 1500 BC.  Thus, the tribe predates Germany and modern Europe.  Additionally, the tribe is referenced in Jeremiah 51:27, as a Judean ally against the Assyrians.  They are referenced as a tribe occupying Armenia, which would make a lot of sense genetically and historically.  Since Jeremiah lived and died around the 6th Century BC, we know the Ashkenazi were a well-entrenched, warrior tribe from the Caucasus that likely traded (at a minimum) with Judea and were familiar with early Israelite worship.

Movses Khorenatsi, the Armenian historian and Saint, wrote a history of Armenia that I read prior to working in Yerevan.  Armenia was the first European sovereign territory to embrace Christianity as a state religion.  Again, this makes sense, given its historical ties to Biblical Israel.  This conversion likely led to a revival of some version of Judaism coupled with refugees after the Romans destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD.  All in all, Ashkenazi Jews are most likely far older than many believe them to be.  More importantly, they are genetically White (Armenian) – a controversial position to take by anyone on the Dissident Right or the Jewish Left. The fact is, both the Bible and historical research indicates that the Ashkenazi Jews predate the Turkish invasions that come at the end of the first millennium.  While it is likely that the Northeast Asian origin-Turks added Asiatic blood to the Ashkenazi, they similarly did this to the Greeks, Serbians, Romanians, and other Eastern European peoples whom the Turks either conquered or attempted to conquer.  Prior to the Turkic invasions, the Ashkenazi Jews likely looked similar to Byzantine Greeks: fairer skin, lighter eyes, and other Caucasian physical attributes.

This genetic origin of the Ashkenazi Jews brings me back to the original topic: The Ashkenazi Suicide Path.  As the Turks pushed from East to West, refugees of various ethnic types similarly sought refuge in Europe.  This would not have been a problem for Christians originating from the East.  For a tribe of Armenians calling themselves Jews, however, this would be an issue in late-Medieval Europe.  Christians knew that Jews were responsible for the death of Jesus Christ.  As such, Ashkenazi Jews were largely confined to the edges of Central and Eastern European nations, often acting as an independent, parallel entity.  This differs from the Sephardic Jews who were being courted by Western European states that sought complex financial dealings in an increasingly trade sensitive world in the post-Turkic ascendancy.  In other words, while London employed Sephardic Jews to count their coin (before an expulsion in the late 13th Century), the Ashkenazi Jews were primarily tinkers, tradesmen, and serfs extending from Russia to modern-day Germany.  Occasional intermarriage with other Europeans not only ensured Ashkenazi Jews enjoyed genetically White features, but more likely awakened them within their early Armenian genetic line.

Why is all of this important?  Jews are racially White, even if neither them nor National Socialists agree on this point.  As such, the steps that far-left Jewish Supremacists have taken is parasitic in nature.  It is suicide by another name.  A smart parasite at least knows not to kill the host.  Rather, Jewish Supremacists seem hellbent on destroying Western Civilization.  What they do not seem to appreciate is that – whether they like it or not – Jews are viewed as White by our replacements.  Worse, they are non-Christian Whites, meaning that blacks and Hispanics, both of whom identify as overwhelmingly Christian, do not look favorably on the Jewish faith.  Catholic Hispanics who are not introduced to Dispensationalism and do not recognize a Jewish Jesus, have a significant hatred for Jews.  Meanwhile, blacks are well aware of the Jewish involvement in the slave trade.  They will not make distinctions between Sephardic Jews and Ashkenazi Jews, when White Christians are out of the way.  All one needs to do is listen to the speeches of Louis Farrakhan or any Black Hebrew Israelite.  But why are they doing this?  I have a theory before closing.

The Ashkenazi Jews really began to settle in the United States toward the latter portion of the 19th and early 20th Centuries.  By the time they began to settle in the United States, the Ashkenazi Jews had three massive cultural shifts occurring simultaneously.  First, Bolshevism – a Marxist revolutionary movement in Russia – was heavily influenced by Jews who derived from the merchant middle-class of Czarist Russia.  With a significant number of Jews in impoverished socioeconomic status within Russia, these middle-class Jews, many of whom ascended through academia, had a willing army within the ranks of a disaffected Russian under-class.  Many of those Russian Jews came to the United States during a particularly unique time of far-left Jewish radicalization.

Second, the industrialization of the 19th Century and the collapsing Ottoman Empire shifted more Jews away from Eastern Europe and into more accommodating Central and Western Europe.  By the end of the 19th Century, Ashkenazi Jews were found throughout France, Germany, Italy, Poland, and elsewhere.  Again, many brought with them radical ideas and given that they were less likely to assimilate, they were viewed as troublemakers.  This led to attacks by fed up Christian Europeans with long standing lineal connections to the lands now occupied by a foreign people.  Tensions heightened and the Ashkenazi Jews, who bred like rabbits, did little to ameliorate the situation.  As future generations of Jews began to enter into political, economic, and academic positions of prominence, many saw it as their mission to destroy the very countries and cultures whom they believed to be responsible for previous pogroms.  Institutions like the Frankfurt School emerged in the post-World War I Era.  When the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP) took power in 1933, they immediately deconstructed these culturally corrosive institutes and many of those Jews fled to the United States.  Who was there to greet them?  Many Jews with Bolshevik sympathies who had settled in New York and elsewhere during the tumultuous early days of the Marxist Russian Revolution.

Third, and finally, the ascendance of Ashkenazi Jews in Europe was not entirely left leaning.  Zionism began to arise in the broader push for Nationalist movements in Europe.  These movements, which led to Greek, Romanian, Bulgarian, and other Eastern European independent states, as well as a war in Ireland (1918-1922), were not ignored by Ashkenazi Jews who believed Palestine was their territory, not Great Britain’s.  These Zionist Jews were mostly devout fascists and Hitler agreed with them.  Consequently, the NSDAP Germany spent millions on fomenting Zionism, supporting the creation of the modern state of Israel, as well as providing military training and aid to the early founders of the Jewish state.  In 1948, when Israel was recognized as a country, it should be noted that not all Israeli-Jews were happy to accept their Ashkenazi kin who were left leaning with radical cultural morals.

Furthermore, I believe this is why some Ashkenazi Jews who are anti-leftist tend to be the most virulent anti-leftists.  They see things through a Nationalist lens.  Whereas there is an element of Zionism, there will also be an element of “homeland” reactionary sentiment.  This probably explains the hardline anti-Communist approach of Ashkenazi Jews like Stephen Miller and Ashley Rae (“Communism Kills”).  They are not less Jewish, they just know that the alternative – the collapse of Western Civilization – brings nothing good to the table – for their people or the world writ large.

Still, the combination of Zionism coupled with both ingrained, early 20th Century Marxist sympathies and an “us-vs-them” mentality now plays a strong role in Ashkenazi Jews who have recently ascended to power in the United States.  One hundred years ago, Jews were largely seen as gangsters and generally constrained to large urban environments. Today, their descendants occupy the most powerful positions in society.  Many of them view this as an opportunity for both revenge and to firmly entrench their positions of power.  The irony is that, in order to achieve these goals, they need to kill the functioning society they inherited from the previous Anglo-Saxon elites.  In so-doing, they will kill themselves.

A few weeks ago, Ashkenazi Jewish comedian Seth Rogen wrote the following on Twitter: “The [overwhelmingly negative] response to the Santa Inc trailer shows exactly why we need diversity. Too many angry white men can’t accept that their time is up.” Rogen deleted that Tweet, but the sentiment was insightful.  It mirrors the views of many leftist Ashkenazi Jews in the United States.  Sephardic Jews are an infinitesimal group and largely non-existent in the United States.  But the Ashkenaz now enjoy powerful positions previously occupied by Whites.  The diversity they invite will eat them, too.

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