The Function of the Holocaust Since 1945

By Jurgen Graf for the Renegade Tribune

The political consequences of the Holocaust were, and are, enormous. Let us look at the most important ones.

The founding of the State of Israel and the violation of Palestinian Rights

Without the Holocaust, the world would never have permitted the founding of the state of Israel in 1948. The colonial era was coming to an end at that time. The British had already decided to give India its independence, while dozens of Asian and African territories were at that point striving to shake off European rule. While other powers were rushing to grant independence to their colonies, the jews in Palestine were permitted to embark upon a colonial adventure par excellence, with the blessings of both the West and the USSR. In so doing, they proceeded with ruthless brutality; whole Arab villages were leveled. A great proportion of the Palestinians were driven from their homeland. In 1967, Israel conquered additional Arab territories, the inhabitants of which remain subject to all possible kinds of repression: deportations, arrests — in 1992, there were 15,000 Palestinians behind bars for political reasons! (1) — liquidation of political opposition by killer commandos, dynamiting of houses, confiscations, endless repression (2). In addition, there is the systematic use of torture, quite unashamedly declared legal by the Israeli Supreme Court on 15 November 1996. In so doing, the jewish state adopted a legal position which remains unique in the world. Israel is, of course, not the only state in the world to practise torture; but it is the only nation which openly claims the right to do so. The right of Israeli military personnel and policemen to torture Palestinian political detainees was justified by the Supreme Court on security considerations: the need to gain “vitally important information on planned attacks”. So why did the Gestapo officer Klaus Barbie in Paris have French resistance fighters tortured, if not on security grounds, and for the purpose of gaining vital information on planned attacks on German soldiers?

Not only may Arabs be tortured and murdered in Israel with impunity — they may even be mocked posthumously. In 1993, two Israeli soldiers shot an unarmed Palestinian during a street confrontation. At first, they were sentenced to one hour’s imprisonment each; this inhumanly heavy sentence was later commuted into a fine of exactly one penny each (3).

Jewish terror rule in Palestine is not actually encouraged by world public opinion, but it is tolerated. After all, the jewish people, after suffering the Holocaust, needed a homeland to protect them from a new genocide; what are the sufferings of the Palestinians compared to those of the jews under Hitler?

Without outside assistance, the state of Israel would never survive for as much a single day. Its chief source of revenue continues to consist of financial injections from the Americans, support from international jewry, and German “reparations”. According to official sources, the BRD had already paid 85.4 billion marks to Israel (and jewish organizations) by 1992 (3); the actual figure must be considerably higher. In addition there have been German deliveries in the form of commodities. Nahum Goldmann, long-time Chairman of the Jewish World Congress, wrote in his book The Jewish Paradox (4):

“Without the German reparations payments that started coming during its first ten years as a state, Israel would not have half of its present infrastructure: all the trains in Israel are German, the ships are German, and the same goes for electrical installations and a great deal of Israel’s industry…”

Immunity of jews from criticism

Before 1945, criticism of jews was allowed. Today, that is no longer the case. Any criticism of jewry and Zionism, no matter how faint-hearted — for example, relating to the relatively heavy influence of jews on the mass media of the Western world, or the arrogance of the Central Jewish Council in Germany — is immediately shouted down with screams about Auschwitz and the Holocaust, with approximately the following logic: anyone who criticizes jews is anti-Semitic; Hitler was anti-Semitic; Hitler killed Six million jews; therefore, anyone who criticizes jews wants to kill another Six Million jews! No matter how stupid and primitive this argument may be, it has proven itself effective right down until the present day.

The effectiveness of the above is demonstrated by a single remarkable example:

The most dangerous criminal organization in the world is regularly called the “Russian mafia” by the mass media. This is a slander on the Russian people, because the mob bosses are not Russian. In a book which the author was forced to call The Russian Mafia — if he had called it The jewish Mafia he would have thrown in jail — the German author Juergen Roth (5) says:

“The cocaine is owned by a drug ring made up overwhelmingly of Israeli nationals — some of them with Russian ancestry — with support points in Colombia, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Moskow and St. Petersburg… Mosche Ben-Ari, Ricardo Fanchini, and Rachmiel Brandwain are considered the most powerful bosses of the exile Russian mafia in Europe and the USA.”

Although Roth had to censor many names in his book, it is clear from the context that the bosses of the “Russian Mafia” are almost exclusively jewish. The gangster bosses Rachmiel Brandwain and Mosche Ben-Ari live in Antwerp or Munich. No Belgian or German state prosecutor would ever dare have them arrested, since he would be attacked by the media as a “neo-Nazi”, a pitiless persecutor of “Holocaust survivors”.

Covering up Allied atrocities in WW II

As we have seen, very little is ever said about the horrendous Allied atrocities during WWII. Terror bombings, starvation camps, and expulsions, may, of course, be inhumane, people will say; but the Holocaust was an incomparably greater crime! Anyone guilty of such a crime — i.e., the Germans — has no right to complain of harsh treatment by the Allied victors.

Creating contempt for the German people

Since 1945, the German people have been branded with a mark of shame for an unspeakable crime which makes healthy self-respect impossible for Germans, and prevents any German government from representing German interests in any way. A truly independent German government committed to defending the interests of the German people has not existed since 1945. The DDR was ruled by the satraps of the Eastern occupying powers for decades, while the BRD continues to be ruled by vassals of the Western occupying powers.

Self-respect and patriotism are held in contempt in Germany today; self-criticism and self-hatred are the prevailing trend. Leading intellectuals, the most well-known of whom is Guenter Grass, have expressly opposed the reunification with reference to Auschwitz (6).

Germany’s entry into the Europe of Maastricht, i.e., into a supranational government ruled by an anonymous bureaucracy, is advocated tooth and nail by all the parties represented in the German Bundestag. After the destruction of Germany as a state, the next objective of the ruling classes is the destruction of the German people itself. This is to be achieved through artificially lowering the domestic birth rate by means of laws hostile to the family, by facilitating abortion, as well as by encouraging the mass immigration of people from foreign cultures, most recently from Black Africa.

Rendering impossible any objective discussion of National Socialism

An objective discussion of National Socialism, with its strengths and weaknesses, is simply impossible today. Any mention of the achievements and positive aspects of the National Socialist system — for example, the elimination of unemployment and the economic upswing which set in soon after Hitler’s rise to power — is immediately howled down with screams about Auschwitz.

Creating contempt for all forms of nationalism except jewish nationalism

While the Auschwitz truncheon was first used only on the Germans, it is now directed, to an increasingly greater extent, against all other white nationalities. The argument in this regard runs approximately as follows:

– the world sat by and did nothing while Hitler slaughtered the jews by millions. Neither the Western powers nor the Soviets nor the International Red Cross nor the Vatican denounced the genocide nor attempted to rescue the jews, although they knew just what the “Nazis” were doing. Therefore, the white race as a whole is jointly guilty for the Holocaust;

– since the extermination of the jews was permitted without resistance AT THAT TIME, we must repent for our sins and grant residence to all asylum seekers from foreign cultures TODAY. If we were to send them back to their own countries, they might suffer persecution, torture, and death; we would therefore be guilty again!

– all forms of nationalism (except, of course, jewish nationalism) is therefore highly dangerous, since it all too easily leads to racism, and therefore involves the danger of a new Holocaust. A “nationalist”, of course, is anyone who resists the mass immigration of coloureds and Moslems to Europe and North America.

In practice, the Holocaust means that White nations no longer have the right to their own identity. They have a moral duty to allow themselves to be overrun and displaced. “What, you’re not against immigration, are you? You must be a ‘NAZI!’”


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