The Juggernaut Stirs

By Hunter Wallace for Occidental Dissent

The Democrats are officially the anti-White party now.

If you disagree with them on wokeness, you are a “white supremacist” or a “domestic extremist.” They have dropped colorblindness because the political calculus has changed. You are not imagining the recent increase in venom and hostility toward Whites in the corporate media.


“For decades, a political calculation has quietly undergirded the sales pitch many Democratic political leaders have made for their economic agenda: If you want to win majority support, don’t bring up race. But if the opening months of the Biden administration are any indication, the math seems to have shifted.

In a recent speech in Pittsburgh where he debuted his infrastructure plan, President Joe Biden invoked any number of universal goals — road spending, “creating good-paying jobs” — while also stressing the need to invest in “communities that have historically been left out of these investments: Black, Latino, Asian American, Native American.” In selling its stimulus plan, the White House identified “advancing racial equity” as one of five cornerstones, giving it equal importance as such overarching goals as “investing in America” and “building back better.” …

The result of that thinking was a “color-blind” approach to talking about economic policies and programs — emphasizing a “rising tide lifts all boats” message that glossed over or ignored racial disparities. But for reasons both ideological and strategic, that “color-blind” posture is no longer effective for Democrats — and, McGhee says, can actually backfire.

“Since the Obama era, the racial sorting of voters has included white voters moving to the Democratic Party because of their progressive views on race,” she says. “What holds together the progressive coalition is, yes, obviously, a sense that government can — and needs to — be a force for good and address our big crises. But also the coalition … thinks we have to talk about race, and doesn’t want to see politicians without the courage to address these obvious inequalities head-on.” …

We conducted a massive research project that, in its early years, was housed at Demos, called the Race-Class Narrative Project, which tested this proposition: Can a Trumpist, racially scapegoating message beat an early [Bernie] Sanders-style, colorblind economic populist message? And the answer was “no” — and that was often true with surprising segments of the population, like union members. But when you took the colorblind economic populist message and wove in a race-forward calling out of racial scapegoating — [and did so] in a way that explained how racism was a tool of the elites who were making life harder for everyone by breaking the rules — that won far more durable support, well into independents and many base Republicans. And it had the added advantage of being true. …”

Read it yourself.

There is an important side effect of this strategy.

By openly embracing explicit anti-whiteness in their rhetoric and policies, the Democrats have made our target audience much more receptive to our messaging than was the case even in the recent past. There has been a big surge in White racial consciousness since the George Floyd riots last summer.

Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg has uncovered more evidence of what I have suspected.

Democracy Corps:

“We conducted focus groups in March with Trump Loyalists in Georgia and Wisconsin and Trump-aligned, non-Trump conservatives and moderates in suburban and rural Georgia, Ohio, and Wisconsin. It took a long time to recruit these groups because Trump voters seemed particularly distrustful of outsiders right now, wary of being victimized, and avoided revealing their true position until in a Zoom room with all Trump voters — then, they let it all out. 

And here are the conclusions that emerged from this new research:

The Trump loyalists and the Trump aligned are animated about government taking away their freedom and a cancel culture that leaves no place for white Americans and the fear they’re losing “their” country to non-whites;

They were angered most of all by Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa that were responsible for a full year of violence in Democratic cities that put white people on the defensive – and was ignored by the media …”

There is a sea change in White racial attitudes going on.

It started with the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots last summer when the political establishment discovered systematic racism. It really accelerated after the elite cabal rigged the election against Trump. This really was a watershed moment when scales fell from eyes. This is why you have millions of normies now radicalizing and warming to political violence. They were the ones who stormed the Capitol. It was hundreds of pissed off normies, not a bunch of “White Nationalists.”

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