The Orwellian State

By Ethan for Identity Dixie

People often use “Orwellian” incorrectly. Since 9/11 and certainly since the Snowden leaks, small-government advocates have said we live in an Orwellian state because of the omnipresent surveillance. While certainly obtrusive and unsettling, the real-world Panopticon isn’t “Orwellian” by itself. Orwellian does not simply mean “totalitarian” in the same way “square” doesn’t just mean “quadrilateral.” The former is a subtype of the latter. No, Orwellian means something deeper and we’re seeing it now.

There has been a pro-transsexual meme going around the last week or so pointing out that 2+2=5 if you redefine what 2 means as 2.5.  The speaker will usually say something along the lines of “Let me put your fears to rest: numbers are completely fake and can’t hurt you. You don’t need to be afraid. We made it all up.” Alternatively, some in the “woke” sphere argue that 2+2=4 is a vestige of white supremacist patriarchy and marginalizes people. Yes, we are unironically getting to the point where 2+2=5. This is all being done under the guise of “decolonization.”

This has been coming for some time. The calls to diversify NASCAR have already succeeded, with the Bubba Walace and anti-Confederate flag nonsense. Hockey is next on the chopping block because it is so implicitly white. There have also been efforts to “decolonize” or simply get rid of classical music.

This decolonization runs further than sports and music. With headlines like “It’s time to give up on facts,” we are getting a bolder elite than Orwell ever feared. Big Brother just lied about what the facts were. He didn’t openly admit to ignoring them.

Michigan is forcing state employees into re-education classes, known as  implicit bias training, and there have been additional demands to “decolonize” academic fields, with one Chicago lawmaker wanting to ban history.

The history ban is going to be temporary, until the books have been re-written to placate the under-class. I’m beginning to think a group may even be formed to oversee these “decolonization” efforts called Big Brother, since this growing Orwellian hellscape has yet to wake most people up.

This boldness is relatively new for us, but this decolonization effort has been going on for some time in the West. I saw this video back in 2016 and was thankful at the time it wasn’t going to happen over here. Now, I’m not so sure.

For those of you who don’t wish to hear a room temperature IQ person prattle on, I’ll summarize the important points. Essentially, a black girl said that science is a product of white civilization and that we should get rid of it and “restart” it from a black perspective. She then posed a question to all the “science people” in the room: “There’s a place in [location in Africa], and they believe that, through the magic, the Black magic…that you are able to send lightening to strike someone. So, can you explain that scientifically because it is something that happens?” One person in the audience had the audacity to answer that “It’s not true!” and he was booed, shamed, and the black in charge forced him to apologize. He had to apologize for speaking the truth to those in power.

The black who claimed witchcraft was real said that the man’s reaction was why she wasn’t in the science faculty. That should be no surprise. If you believe Storm from the X-Men is real, you should not be a scientist.

None of this should be surprising to people who are paying attention. Terms like “decolonize” or “diversity” just means getting rid of white people (which you can tell whenever you look at ads for “diverse” companies or schools, which have 1 or 2 token whites) and “multiculturalism” simply means the death of Western cultures and values.  The evidence for this is overwhelming, with the most glaring example I’ve found being the chart of the declining non-Hispanic white population in America on the SPLC’s Mark Potok’s wall. It’s hung up as if it’s goal numbers for a company’s annual sales.

Now, the articles and video above may seem so outlandish to elicit a chuckle from those not paying attention to the bigger picture. I notice many on the Right, particularly older conservatives, are dismissive when they see videos like the one above or of interviews of AOC and other rising ethnocrats saying anti-white nonsense. It’s important to remember that while these people are not very intelligent, they shouldn’t be underestimated. Yes, average boomer, you likely are smarter than any of those South Africans “decolonizing” science or AOC, but they and people like them have the power currently. To pretend they don’t is to ignore the knife at your throat.

If we want to survive and thrive, we need to be vigilant to these efforts and refuse to back down.  Classical music is Our music. The history they want to ban is Our history. The scientific and mathematical achievements are those of Our ancestors.

Just as the Soviets tried to destroy and repurpose the nationalistic heroes and myths of the past in the lands they conquered, so too do these people wish to destroy our heroes and our heritage. We cannot give anymore inches to the cries of the Left. The concessions given by the Right have put us in the position we are in now.  No longer must we be “conservatives” who seek only to maintain the status quo. We must push back and push for the Right Values. We must push for and protect Our Values, Our History, and what is best for Our People.

Deo vindice

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