The Race Question

By Hunter Wallace for Occidental Dissent

The Race Question is what places us outside the boundaries of the mainstream. It is what makes us “far right” because we refuse to go along with the stupid taboo that is attached to the issue.

Does race exist? Is there racial variation within the human species?


It is plain as day to anyone with two eyes that some groups of humans are more closely related than others. This shouldn’t be controversial. It wasn’t controversial until the wake of World War II when victorious liberals decided to pretend that race doesn’t exist.

Is race socially meaningful? Are racial differences non-trivial?

Consider the fact that more money has been spent on trying to erase racial gaps than on any other monumental project in world history and it has totally and utterly failed. Reflect on the lengths to which our cultural elites have gone to put the issue to rest and where we are at today. My answer is yes. I mean … just look at the data. All you can do is laugh at the folly of White liberals.

To what extent does race matter?

The truth is somewhere in between everything and nothing. Clearly, there are other things that matter (just look at all the culturally degraded White people these days), but that doesn’t mean race is irrelevant and can be wished away. It is just another important aspect of reality.

Is race the basis of identity?

It is for some people.

In my case, race is a facet of my identity. It is one aspect of my identity along with other things like my ethnicity, culture, religion, values and so on. It is one of the things that makes me who I am, but it is hardly the only thing that defines me as an individual. I have a traditional Southern identity. Why is it so hard to just grant that race isn’t nothing?

How important is your racial identity?

This is a distinct question from whether or not race exists.

In our society, the polls unambiguously show that racial identity is more important to non-Whites than Whites, especially to blacks. White liberals also have a negative sense of racial identity. White conservatives are mildly ethnocentric which is the norm across all races. White Nationalists are the most ethnocentric Whites and the polar opposite of White liberals on racial issues.

Do you support a White ethnostate?

I would say that a White ethnostate is an ideal.

The world is better off when it is divided into racially, culturally and ethnically homogeneous homelands. There is less racial conflict. There would also be less racial self hatred which is a huge problem for Whites who blame themselves for the failures of non-Whites in multiracial societies. Unfortunately, our elites are bent on increasing racial diversity and stirring up racial conflict which will result in bitterness, lack of trust and polarization, which are problems which we recognized decades ago.

History hasn’t dealt us a hand in which we have a racially homogeneous White ethnostate. It can still be a goal, an ideal, a target or an aspiration though. I also think a social order which has a racial, ethnic and cultural foundation will prove stronger and more satisfying in the long run than ones which are based solely on income like most neighborhoods in the United States.

Is there something better than a White ethnostate?

I would rank a White ethnostate as a second best option.

Even in a White ethnostate, Whites would still be divided in other ways. Many would not share a common history and culture. While I agree that it could work, it would be even better to have an ethnostate with even narrower criteria for membership or multiple ethnostates to accommodate Whites who have distinct cultural traditions. Some White Nationalists would decry this as “petty nationalism.” I have no desire to be consolidated in some type of ludicrous Aryan Empire though.

Do you hate other races?

No, I don’t.

I’ve always lived in a racially diverse area. I get shit all the time from White Nationalists for not moving away from this area, but I have deep roots here. Some White people are more settled than others. I’m also so familiar with racial diversity than I am honestly numb to it. In an ideal world, we could resort this country in a way that restores the homogeneity that has been lost, but instead we live under liberal capitalist democracy which is organized on the basis of different principles. White liberals are incapable of understanding that you can acknowledge the existence of racial differences without “hating” people on the basis of it or that cosmopolitanism has never been a “normal” way of life.

Thoughts on our current social order?

Supposedly, I am the “far right domestic extremist,” but I would say that I am less obsessed and less focused on race than the “mainstream.” It is just one of the things that I try to write about honestly in a country in which our elites prefer to lie about everything. From my vantagepoint, the “mainstream” is now far more extreme and far more bent on fomenting racial conflict and doing far more to bring that about than anything I am doing. It is regrettable, but we have always believed and said that stomping out Whitey is the logical endpoint of the cult of “antiracism.” We predicted this.

Can you expand on “antiracism”?

It is false.

It is also a religious cult.

It is based on the idea that racial differences don’t exist and that race isn’t meaningful and that racial gaps are the result of White oppression. These deranged people say you are a horrible and evil person for not believing their conclusions are justified based on the evidence.

We’re dealing with people who have a religious mindset. They have faith in “equality.” They want to punish people who are heretics who commit blasphemy and deny their faith. They have to control and police other people because the lie which is at the core of their belief system is incapable of standing up to scrutiny. This is why they are authoritarians at heart because the lie can’t stand on its own two feet.

If racial equality was true, they wouldn’t have to do any of this. We don’t have to bully or intimidate anyone to make our case because the truth and experience is on our side. The failure of the “antiracists” to achieve their goals with total command of the government and culture for generations speaks for itself. Splitting the atom or landing on the moon was relatively simple compared to demonstrating racial equality in an integrated public school in Massachusetts under controlled conditions.

Experience has shown that colonizing Mars, cold fusion or perhaps time travel is more practical than racial equality. Every day that passes in the American public education system shows this is true.

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