Western Weakness

By Padraig Martin for Identity Dixie

There is a fairly popular series of memes that are shared among the Dissident Right often depicting some version of a fierce European warrior (e.g., Spartan, Viking, Templar, etc) depicted with captions that effectively state some version of the following: “Eventually, you will awaken the Angry White Man.” While I wish that were true, I know my people. Eurocentric peoples have a core strength that is also their weakness: Europeans of all variants suffer from a combination of empathy and discipline.  When these strengths are properly utilized, European peoples are capable of extraordinary achievements.  When they act as handcuffs, they devastate the European.  Today, they are weaponized as weaknesses exploited by our adversaries.

To begin, as we descend into ever increasing societal chaos, Westerners find themselves hopelessly seeking assistance from the governing architecture their forbearers built to avoid the very chaos we now endure.  Over the centuries, European peoples designed systems of governance that allowed their creative capacity to thrive within the framework of responsive government.  This was a social contract predicated on discipline and National purpose.  I, the Greek (or German, Frenchmen, Anglo-Saxon, etc), made a living for my family and defended the state (Government and territory) when it was attacked, because the state, as an extension of my Nation (people) provided for my well-being in a myriad of ways.  This is different than Asians, who built hierarchical governance that constrains the individual and made one-way relationships between ruler and subordinate citizen.  Consequently, this is why the West has led in the creation of so many advances for so long, whereas Asian advances decelerated and nearly stopped all together, over time.  Meanwhile, Sub-Saharan Africans had almost no governing mechanism besides tribal relations.  Whether they existed in the first millennia or the 20th Century, Africans have not advanced far beyond the part of Stone Aged societal management.

Western governments were superior by any reasonable metric, until now.

Western governments have abrogated their responsibility to provide an orderly society.  In other words, they are failing their part of the primary social contract.  Western governments stand idly by as migrant gangs engage in warfare on the streets of Belgium, London, or Dublin. They do nothing as marauding black youths devastate entire cities in the largely White Midwest. This has manifested in justifiable anger by the very heritage populations of the impacted areas – whether they be Irish, French, Southern, or otherwise. But the anger has solicited zero corrective action by governing bodies. The reason is simple: Western governments are directly responsible for the chaos they invited into their respective countries, but now they find themselves incapable of controlling the outcomes of the Pandora’s boxes they opened with a manufactured migrant crisis.

But why manufacture the migrant crisis in the first place?  The answer is power.

Governments control people – that is what they are designed to do.  But as stated earlier, the power to control in Western society comes with an implicit quid pro quo.  You give me safe streets, I pay taxes and raise my children to be law abiding citizens willing to serve in the military.  However, Western governments slowly got away from doing their part.  Years of attempting to control their own people came with little benefit for the people.  Wage stagnation, pointless wars, foreign outsourcing – governments “of the people” stopped acting on behalf “of the people.”  Suddenly, technological transformation changed the power dynamic.  The government’s grasp on societal power diminished in the age of social media. The democratization of information empowered populist movements. This accelerated in the post-banking collapse of 2008/9, which interestingly corresponded with the advent of the smartphone. Subsequently, recognizing that they were rapidly losing power, governing elites did two things.

First, governments immediately co-opted Big Tech to control the flow and information presented by a given official narrative. Suddenly, the free speech platforms of Facebook and Twitter became censored electronic public squares. Second, governments throughout the West gambled on an idea that demographic replacement would lead to more compliant citizens. Correspondingly, it is not an accident that shortly after the advent of social media and smartphones at nearly the same time as a global, financial collapse, Western governments opened the floodgates to migrants who had no connection whatsoever to the countries within which they are now destroying.

Unfortunately for those governing officials and the citizens whom they betrayed, genetic and cultural realities landed onto European and American soil like a nuclear bomb.  Generations of Marxist doctrine, often disguised as “conservatism,” taught Americans and Europeans that the only thing that separated “us” from “them” was economic opportunity. Both capitalism and Marxism are merely two sides of the same coin.  They reduce human nature to one in which money (or the elimination thereof) cures the savagery of people from less developed societies. Invite them in, it was theorized, and they will become good Irish, British, Swedish, Canadian, or American citizens. Of course, that did not happen. When Muslim rape gangs descended on German or Swedish cities…. when Mexicans began viciously beating Trump rally attendees in the American Southwest… when Africans began attacking Irish nationals – both the compliant citizenry and the governments were taken by surprise.

The problem for Western peoples is that they stopped thinking in familial and National terms and began thinking like untrained economists.

Since the end of World War II, the prevailing arguments of societal reforms focused on economics. Whether the governing actors were Reagan and Thatcher on one side of the spectrum, or Lyndon Johnson and Pierre Trudeau on the other, the cure for societal dysfunction was more money. Free market advocates believed economic growth lifted all boats and, by extension, invited greater investment in a law-abiding status quo. Big government advocates effectively stated the same thing, except they believed reallocating wealth was the more effective means of creating a compliant populace. What neither side ever considered was genetic and cultural realities. Thus, when migrants acted the same way as they do back home, governing bodies were ill prepared. Meanwhile, Western societies that had built a new cultural paradigm around economic identity lost sight of that which made them unique in the first place.

Enter American Marxists.

For years, blacks have been a surviving fifth column of the long-gone Soviets. Marxism is prevalent in all black cultures, whether they be African or American. Intellectually inferior and incapable of advancing by their own means, Africans need to take. This transcends all facets of their being, from robbing sneaker stores during opportunistic riots over dead drug addicts to kleptocratic regimes in Sub Saharan Africa.  Blacks are genetically designed to take rather then earn in a meritocratic way. They are consequently the genetic opposite of Whites. Blacks do not wish to earn based on their contributive value because their value is minimal. Add to this a genetic predisposition toward violence, and you get a group that Whites neither comprehend nor with which they can reason.

The inability of blacks to understand that their failure to comply with basic police commands, such as, “show me your license…,” is a manifestation of a people who are genetically incapable of appreciating Western concepts of discipline, societal exchange, and personal agency.  It does not matter that someone like Michael Brown, for instance, assaulted a police officer.  All that matters is that a black man was killed by a White police officer.  This primal nationalism made them recruits for the Soviets and now the Communist Chinese.  It also makes them recruits for another tribe that enjoys many of the same genetic features of European peoples: Jews.

For years, Jews have sought the elimination of European peoples.  This is a deep-seated hatred that dates back to about the time of Jesus Christ.  The Romans recognized it and nearly wiped Judaism off the map in 70 AD.  Subsequent Jewish upstart movements were crushed by Europeans periodically, from the once Muslim dominated Iberian Peninsula (which was heavily influenced by Jewish leaders and scholars) to Judeo-Bolshevism and the emergence of the Soviet Union to Weimar Germany and the resultant National Socialist German Workers Party.  This time, however, European peoples – to include those within the United States, and especially in the Dispensationalist South – have “progressed” to a point whereby Jews have trained Europeans not to see them as an ethnic/religious rival, but an oppressed minority.  In effect, Jews have weaponized genetic European empathy (feelings for those who have been harmed or might be harmed) and discipline (follow societal boundaries) to a point whereby we simply accept each new outrage against our own people.  We are standing still – like good soldiers – while they run roughshod over us.

Compounding this are new demographics whom primarily Jewish actors in academia, banking, technology, and entertainment, are inspiring to ever increasing acts of violence against European peoples.  Being White is “bad” and Jewish entertainment will repeat that mantra over and over and over.  Migrants with no investment in the continuation of European societies are encouraged to destroy it.  Blacks, with an average IQ in the mid-80s, need very little encouragement to act violent and destroy a societal system within which they uniquely excel.  Whereas there are some Whites who also destroy the countries that have made them comfortable, they are inspired by a Jewish education system that has taught them that Whites are inherently evil and therefore, the system Whites created is also evil – it must be dismantled and replaced with a fairer system.  By “fairer,” they mean a system that imposes equal outcomes, regardless of personal capacity – a system of governance that is foreign to European peoples, but natural to Jews (who know they will step into leadership roles in the vacuum created) and tribal blacks who benefit from any system whereby merit is not the means of achievement.

Where is all this going?  I believe ethnic White tribalism along balkanized state boundaries and global conflicts will emerge – followed by a reestablishment of global order.

Eventually, Whites will realize that they are under full assault at almost every level.  Their empathy needs to be redirected toward themselves.  The very society they uniquely created is gone and its replacement is a violent, chaotic Hell.  Governments have outright failed White citizens wherever they are found.  Even those governments that might attempt to correct the issues they created are so far gone, they cannot.  Some governments with strong National identities honed by periods of occupation and deprivation, such as those of Poland, Hungary, some Baltic and Balkan states, will likely preserve their National integrity.  Countries like the United Kingdom and the United States are already dead.  Depending on the breadth of European cultures within the territorial boundaries of a state, White ethnic tribes will begin to emerge as they seek to reinstall some sense of order.

The British will begin to see a rapidly disintegrated union, as the old structure no longer preserves Anglo hegemony.  The Welsh and Scots have already carved out distinct Nation-State programs.  This will accelerate as groups like the Northern Irish Loyalists walk away from a Union they once fought to preserve.  For the Germans and the Italians, as migrants continue to devastate their respective countries, regional movements will seek to reassert themselves.  After all, both countries are the product of relatively new, mid-19th century unions.  Countries with tight monarchical affiliations, such as Norway, will survive.  Countries with no such foundation in tradition, such as modern France or Spain, will splinter apart.

In the United States, I think it is very likely that the South/Southerners will emerge as the dominant White tribe of the United States, with smaller pockets of resistance found in portions of the Rocky Mountain states and Catholic ethnic collectives in sections of the Northeast.  White flight from leftist blue locations will accelerate the need for Southerners to dominate their new neighbors.  This will galvanize a resurgent Southern Pride movement – one by which Southerners will rightfully become angry at carpetbaggers seeking to make changes to states into which they fled.  I would not be surprised if Texas, Florida, and Alabama all led secession movements in the next ten-to-twenty years.  Mississippi and West Virginia would be good candidates for secession, too.

Eventually, these balkanized, White enclaves will be attacked.  That may come in the form of physical assault (armies of occupation) or financial isolation (cut off from global currency markets and commerce).  Regardless, they will eventually emerge as the new, dominant states.  White armies win wars; integrated militaries – as proven by the United States since 1948 – do not.  Successful militaries require discipline and personal agency.   They also require empathy – an emotional appreciation that your actions impact the outcomes of others within your respective unit.  Again, this is something lacking by blacks.  Whites need to turn their empathy around, from one misdirected toward sympathizing for minorities they falsely believe are oppressed toward sympathizing for fellow Whites under assault.  I believe that will happen when they are forced to do so.

Eventually, a return to order will come, when the black and brown masses turn on the Jewish masters who sought to weaponize them toward destruction.  Remember, blacks take – that is what they are designed to do.  If Whites exclude them from societies of their own making, it is inevitable that they will take from their Jewish provocateurs.  When that happens, I suggest a nice scotch and a cigar while you watch the show.

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