Why We Are The Right

By Tony Martel for Occidental Dissent

All I could think about was the ice cream as I got on the train. My imagination whipped up all the different flavors to choose from. Favors never before tasted. Chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry were my standards with pistachio and banana being the most exotic. Even my favorite of cookies and cream would soon be pushed aside as inferior to the delicacies awaiting me.

“You’ll love ém all!” my friend had been hyping.

He was taking me taking me to an ice cream shoppe on the edge of New York’s Chinatown. Green Tea, Rose Water, and Dragon Fruit were some of the choices offered. They may be mundane to Eastern tongues, but to mine they were unknown treats to discover. I readily agreed to meet my friend at his father’s store in the Bowery and then walk with him to the palace of sugary treasures.

Almost no one was on the train at Grand Central. More and more hopped on with each stop. More and more of Manhattan’s diverse population boarded during the short journey down the island. Black, brown, yellow, red, and white crowded together in the car. A veritable Colored Coalition of the world in one place.

But there was something off about the railway rainbow. As if the variety was slight. The multitude of colors was only in one spot with the same dull grey covering the rest. For every one was wearing the same mass produced clothing and plugged in to the same mass produced earbuds. Only the color of their faces differed.

We’re told that diversity brings different people together, yet no one was interacting. We’re told that it helps us learn about different cultures, yet no one was discussing their ancestral ways. And most of all, we’re told that it creates a beautiful society of variety and difference, yet everyone was living the exact same way. Only the color of their skin was different. At that moment I realized the fraud of it all.

Those denounced as “racist” have far more understanding of diversity than those advocating it. They understand that differences of race come with differences of culture and habit. They see more than skin color, whereas it’s the only thing seen by those who pretend not to. Who cares if everybody’s listening to the same music on the earbuds as long as the face between them is different? In the end, it is them that reduce people to the color of their skin.

“It’s all crap!” my buddy agreed. His lifelong residency in the Big Bagel reinforced daily the same revelation he’d had years before.

We also agreed about the ice cream. It was delicious. Each flavor brought me to a new world just as Europeans were transported when tasting chocolate for the first time after Columbus’ voyages. Every bite was worth every subway stop and every block walked. But there was something it wasn’t worth; something more important than any tasty treat – my identity.

It used to be that people sold who they were for a pot of gold. Now they do it for an exotic buffet. We should throw away everything our ancestors created for dishes they didn’t eat at dinner. Nothing else matters. Stuffing our different colored faces is all that counts. Everything else is to be exactly the same. Multiculturalism annihilates different cultures into a corporate mono-culture. Diversity smashes together what makes us us into mass conformity. My ride through Manhattan vividly affirmed this.

The disappearance of identity is the most important issue of our era. Idiots decry this as Identity Politics. But identity is the foundation of politics. For politics in its essence is the battle of us vs. them over the interests of each. Identity is what makes us us as opposed to them. And what makes us us defines what our interests are. Without identity there is no us and thus no interests to fight for.

The Left’s waging of Identity Politics is a brilliant strategy. By tearing down the identity of the them in the us vs. them dynamic they are removing the basis of their enemies having any interests to fight for. They are disarming them, who is us, before we even get to the battlefield. In fact, there is no reason for us to even go to battle since there is no us to begin with. What better strategy for victory could there be than to strip your enemies of the whole idea that they are even a them at the start? Because of this I see Identity Politics as a noble fight to engage in. It’s not a dirty tactic that must be reluctantly used. I can think of nothing better to fight for than who I am. Going to war for the type of government my rulers have to work in or which system those richer than me manipulate to make their wealth seems meaningless compared to the defense of those things that make me me. The question of which system of government or economics is a mere abstraction unless it’s asked which is better at protecting and advancing my interests and my identity.

The Right hasn’t figured this out unfortunately. They are stuck on those mere abstractions because they haven’t realized yet that the foundation of identity is being chipped away. All those old causes the Right stood for at various times are no longer relevant. They may have been when our identity was taken for granted, but it isn’t any more and so they aren’t any more.

Many say the Right began as a defense of Throne and Alter. But all the remaining monarchies of the West have done nothing to protect us in order to stay relevant with the times. The various churches have done the same thing as their focus, naturally, is on the next world. Others say the Right is about Democracy. But democratic governments across the West are electing a new people to replace us through immigration. Still more say it is about freedom and liberty. But one group’s freedom is a hindrance to that of another, so ours are being pushed aside so those replacing us can enjoy theirs. And the most loathsome go on about how the Right stands for Free Market Capitalism. An economic structure that not only doesn’t give a rat’s ass about who’s buying their products, but actively supports the burning away of our identity to sell us a new one thought up in an air conditioned boardroom. All the things the Right stood for are now hostile to us.

So does that mean we should abandoned the concept of the Right? That seems to be the choice many are making. They say they are neither Left nor Right. And act as if they don’t belong on either side in the war going being waged. But they’re wrong. They’re wrong just like those on the Right stuck in the past. Neither sees the new core of the Right. Both are still blinded by the old ones.

The core cause has always changed as shown above. Why wouldn’t it as the world is always changing. Leftists will read this as proof of the Right’s reactionary nature. But their nature is too. That’s why they’re always changing. They started as advocates for the rising Middle Class against ancient monarchs and landed aristocrats. Then they ran to the defense of the workers in factories owned by the bourgeoisie their grandfathers fought for. Now they rally to the non-white masses replacing the workers of old. All politics is reactionary as it’s a reaction to some perceived wrong in the world. What’s the point of a political movement if it isn’t reacting to something? Only cowards and corpses don’t react.

The loss of identity is what we are reacting to today. The systematic destruction of who we are is what inspires our movement. That is why we are the Right. We are fighting for what is rightfully ours: our history and heritage, country and culture, faith and family, income and identity. In a word – our birthright. That is why they are the Left: they want us to have nothing left. They want us to be those interchangeable consumers on that train. No history, no culture, no family, no identity. It won’t matter when we are replaced by the non-white flooding our shores; we weren’t a people to begin with. In the end we won’t even have our lives left.

Just one question matters then: is it good for white people. For only white people care about about white heritage. Only white people can maintain white culture. Only white people can make white families. Only white people defend the freedoms whites enjoy. And there’s no white identity without white people. All political matters rest on that case. Which government system creates the best conditions for whites to live under? Which economic system financially helps whites support their families and invest in their countries best?  Those abstractions become important in the context of real blood and soil concerns. Is it good for white people is now the first concern of the Right.

On the back of my ear I can faintly hear the rising chorus of “Racist!” But I don’t care. And you shouldn’t either. There’s no political coalition to stop what is happening to us. All the coalitions are aligned against us. They don’t care about us so why should we care about them? Why give them your birthright simply because they called you a name which basically shames you for not given them your birthright? Besides, they should take care of themselves. If they are equal to us then they should take care of themselves just like we are forced to. Not doing so has made us all bad parents in a sense. If our people are our children, then by focusing on what is good for non-whites, whites are neglecting their own children while allowing non-whites to neglect theirs. The actions of their leaders blaming whitey while doing nothing proves this. Is it good for whites forces them to deal with their own problems. If they don’t? Well that’s their problem.

Identity is now the major dividing line in the West. It defines us vs. them. Us who want to have an identity and them who don’t want us too. The winner of that battle gets the prize of our civilization. Without an identity we have no interests. Without interests we have nothing to fight for. With nothing to fight for we will lose everything.

We are the Right and we want our birthright.

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