Worse is the Easiest Prediction

By Tom Shackleford for Identity Dixie

There’s been plenty of speculation in our circles on what the recent riots may precipitate. My take is that the current round ends once all the rioters get bored or fatigued and run out of easy stuff to loot. Hopefully, we’ve reached that point.

The bigger problem that we’ve now got on our hands is that a new standard was set for what they can do with impunity. If you know that you can burn a church in front of the White House, while the president cowers in a bunker, where do you stop at that point? Anyone willing to burn down a church isn’t operating under any moral constraints beyond their own destructive imagination.

New guidelines have also been imposed on us for just how little it takes to get your life wrecked by speaking out. In fact, you don’t even have to speak out. Your wife can do it and you’ll still get fired from your job. Please implore your Boomer family members to delete their social media accounts. Reasonable sentiments like “all lives matter” are sufficient to summon anvils out of the sky.

Corporations, even the ones getting looted, are saluting and even donating money to organizations that benefit the rioters. White imbeciles are getting on their knees. I even saw a literal boot kissing incident. The Republican Party, whose only purpose is to give us the impression we have political representation, is also endorsing the madness. You don’t grovel to people you want to stop.

My advice on “prediction making” is constantly forecast the worse. Avoid getting specific on how worse will happen. It will happen, so don’t get cocky and try to call out the shot. Just trust that the universe always finds a way and you, too, can be Nostradamus. At Christmas time, who’d ever heard of COVID-19 or George Floyd? The virus was already spreading around while George was strung out on a cocktail of drugs.

Trial by combat is a popular option for African Americans whom the police are attempting to detain in response to their criminal activities. Usually that makes for an entertaining episode of Live PD but sometimes it leads to them ending up dead. In a country with hundreds of millions of people, that means there’s no shortage of these incidents to use as a trigger.

We’ve got an unsustainable economy undergoing a profound and unprecedented crisis, a substantial deranged white population capable of the most abject cowardice, no responsible leadership whatsoever, communities that have basically gone feral, leftist terrorists acting with impunity and plenty of stuff to burn and steal. These are just a few of our problems, not to mention the fact that we can’t even honestly discuss plainly observable reality anymore. So yeah, the worst is yet to come.

A more productive endeavor than clairvoyance is figuring out how we can better organize to ensure the welfare and safety of our families. The most important lesson from these riots is that we’ve got to do that for ourselves. This dying country isn’t getting any more peaceful or prosperous.

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