Youth Sub-Culture as a Weapon

By Timocrat for the American Sun

Part-1 (Inversion of Independent Youth Sub-Cultures)

Now most conservatives are quite open to their organizations being infiltrated, but it is much harder to get all of them to admit they have been completely discredited by the effort, or even mostly marginalized beyond repair. So to deal with this angle we must look at a poorer working class conservative youth group that we can all agree has been discredited in the public’s mind, yet see what they were when they started, or in some ways trying to still hold on to what they were.

We need to also find a group that was appealing to the youth and underclass, as swaying this section of the population would lead to future wins at the polls for conservatives.

We all know that the left is always targeting the youth, and so continues to get them into their ranks each generation, while conservatives tend to hope that as they mature the youth will go conservative. This has been a losing strategy for a century or more, as our fake conservative leaders always claim we must moderate our views to win the youth vote, instead of the left moderating their views to win the conservative youth. The big lie here is that “the youth can never be conservative.” The old European saying has some merit, “If you are not a socialist in your youth you don’t have a heart, and if you are still a socialist when you are an adult you do not have a brain.”

Still our societies in the past always had an element of conservative youth, and most having had a boomer parent(s) or grandparent are bound to want to go in another direction. Alex from the “Family Ties” sitcom was just such a part of this swing then, as Michael J. Fox in his role poked fun at his hippie parents. These facts could have led to a retrenching by those in power of the Hippies into the Yuppies. Followed by the Boomers tag, and even now to the pathetic Zoomers tag for this generation.

Only when families are dysfunctional are the youth likely to rebel against it. Causing family breakups brings about more disillusioned youth. This leads the youth to having to recreate the wheel as they work through their lives in their own way. Conservativism is, by its nature, meant for youth to not have to recreate the wheel, but to add things to the ideals of conservatism so as to not change the things that are perfect, reform the traditions that are almost perfect, and watch and test other new ideas in the long term to see if they are worthy of being added to the pantheons of conservative ideals.

Mods and Rockers (British Youth Culture)

I will cover the British created versions of youth culture, my apologies to the gangs of New York, but the modern forms of British youth sub-cultures have often come across the pond more than the other way round.

If you have ever watched the movie Quadrophenia by the rock group “the Who” one can see the British youth sub-culture in the 60s, that were not at all interested in the Hippie style that was finding its way into the rich kids of England at the time, which for anyone, who has read the book Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon by Dave McGowan, will know what a completely orchestrated affair that was. To buy all the new clothes that hippies wore, to take drugs and not have to worry about jobs- one had to have wealth- or be connected to wealth. Many later stars like David Bowie were all into hippie clothes and style when they started, and then bailed on that when it would not take with the population of the young.

The Rockers in Quadrophenia can obviously be seen as an offshoot of the early Rock-a-Billy stage of Rock & Roll and the Teddy Boys, but also the influence the Americans had in England when they came over to fight the Germans in the 2 World Wars. The British had their own makes of motorcycles like Norton, Triumph and BSA to name the largest ones, and so the British Rocker youth did not carry the style to the lengths of seeing only foreign things as good. A motorcycle could take you to work, and be raced with the lads on weekends, or carry a bird on the back for a date.

The Mods were the newer movement at the time and many were quite consumerist, with European suits, Italian scooters and early Motown sounds. Many early British bands of that time were overtly copying these African-American music influences. These post-war generations were starting to get well-paying jobs after the effects of rationing and the economic slump that followed WWII. So here again, like the rockers we had some middle-class elements.

In both cases the Rockers and the Mods were not interested in politics, but were conservative in culture outside their new fashion. They were likely Christians in varying degrees, and wanted to make money and get married someday. They respected their fathers and mothers for the most part, as their fathers could have been Teddy Boys and other older youth sub-culture types in England in the past themselves, and of course dealt with the war.

If you look into the way the early media dealt with the conflicts between the Mods, Rockers & Teds by the lamestream media of the time – the similarly is just as it was inflated in the movie Quadrophenia- you can see the establishment was deliberately promoting the conflicts. The elite were acting out what they had done in many parts of the world, but now in this case with tribes of youth in their own country.

In our recent case of Black Lives Matter the American oligarchy wanted to have more alienated youth than was natural in their ranks, as the plan in England was to put most of the youth on the dole (welfare). This was a test market for what is to happen to the US, as its industry has been shipped out to other parts of the globe, as now they mean to bring in Universal Basic Income (UBI).

It may be difficult to accept that workers of unions were conservative in their sub-culture in 60s-70s England, yet they still supported a kind of socialism with roots from the time prior to Marx, in the area of management and workers relations. Marx was an effort by the oligarchies to weaken this early moderate socialism. To see some of the advancements of this period you have to see the reforms of Otto von Bismarck in Germany in the past. Many European political parties were called Christian-Socialists for this reason, as they want to distance themselves from the totalitarian communists.

If you doubt sub-culture movies have been used by the oligarchies to steer youth in the wrong directions, as they claim to be just tolerating it, anyone has to only watch the other British rock group the Who’s movie Tommy.  Itis very hard to ignore the esoteric and Masonic imagines all over that movie, my apologies to old gay Elton John and the whole Glitter music rage of England at the time that never took in the USA or Canada.

What happened next is the key to this article, as there was a conservative swing from the Mods, that shifted them in a direction the British oligarchy did not like or want them to go.

Boneheads vs. Skinheads

In the late 60s and onward the English government brought in large numbers of immigrants from the poorer Commonwealth Countries, that would undercut the middle class, as they have been doing for the 80s, 90s and presently in the US and Canada, and have just gotten underway doing so in mainland Europe today full-force.

It is widely known that a “small” influx of immigrants from other countries tends to never upset a home population, and also these immigrants tend to acclimate and assimilate for the most part within 3 generations. The home population will often not get upset if these numbers are kept roughly in the low teens and sent to vary parts of a country, and not in one single city or region. This is the same for all cultures worldwide, including Africa and Asia. The US and Canada tend to be nations of immigrants and so they have a higher tolerance for these factors. Australia has had more trouble as the working class that settled this nation were all too aware of what the upper-class had done to them in Old Blighty (England). Many had been arrested and sent down under for merely stealing bread to live, and their history is full of nasty Australian riots and revolts that most people in other nations are totally unaware of. So, the working class there would not trust the elite as far as they could boot them-at least so in the past.

The elite wanted youth tribal conflict as well as lower wages. They brought in huge numbers of Jamaicans to the UK, and other distinct minorities and put them in fewer regions. Despite what you know of the Skinheads today, they were an offshoot of the Mods that were not interested in consumerism much, and were proud of England, loved British soccer, dressed frugally and bought clothes that would last as they did not have much money, and also these clothes could be used to do hard laborious construction work- and were good for fights. Doc Martens boots have become a fashion statement for many youth cultures since, but the Skinheads’ need for steal caps boots for lifting things on a construction site, or in a fight was the root of this craze.  The Skinheads chose as their music the new arrival music from Jamaica. This was Ska (early Reggae) or called Rocksteady, and they went to Jamaican clubs and were friends with the Jamaican sub-youth culture, which centered on Jamaican males that called themselves Rude Boys. You can see their dress in the first Dr. No 007 movie as the 3 blind mice. In Jamaica the Rude Boys were connected to crime, but the style of clothes did not mean every Rude Boy was a con man. Just as youth today dress in Rap styles and are not even real Rappers, so was the style then.  Some Jamaicans became Black Skinheads in the UK, that you see to this very day in some parts, and hardly squares with what you hear from the media. The Blues Brothers is a taking of the Rude Boys style in clothes the other direction.

In the late 60s & early 70s there was inner dating and all number of cross-cultural pollinations at a time when most of the UK population were small “r” racists in England. So the Skinheads then were the tip of the spear towards anti-racism in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  I have personally known and seen 5 black skins in Toronto in my youth in the late 1980s, and they did not hate themselves- as they knew the history despite what the media preached. Theses first skins were tolerant of other races ahead of the curve, when most in British society were not very tolerant at all. The Skins were pro-Union, as their fathers were, often employed in union shops, apprenticeship programs- or wanted to be. They were proud on being British and for helping to beat the Germans twice, but not into the kind of pop music being pushed by the obviously compromised talking heads on the tele, as they knew the oligarchy very much better than we do today. Most had a Christian background in the Church of England, or other denominations, though did not go to church- except for special occasions. Some of the Skins photos you will see the Christian cross tattooed between their eyebrows. Later the oligarchs would replace this with a Swastika in another effort to discredit the Skins. This early Skinhead style was very influenced by the 1950-60s US preppy style in jackets and shirts, though that version has mainly long ago left the scene, as it was not like that which developed in Boston in the 1980s.

The Skins had totally reversed the course set out for them from the usual suspects in not fighting with the immigrants, not isolating themselves in sections of their cities based on color. They were leading a kind of youth culture that was natural, unfinanced by rich cultural creators, and taking the best from different backgrounds. Surely the British knew how to fight better, likewise the Jamaican music was better than what was on Top of the Pops at that time, and the US made solid clean-cut clothes that were topped off with a fantastic German-British boot.

This would never do for the powers that shouldn’t be, because there needed to be conflicts and distractions to divide the young conservative working-class masses, as the elite wanted to get the masses to deracinate, as had been done all over the British Empire between tribes on the land they wanted to conquer. The Evil Empire had now hidden its agenda in the Commonwealth, and the methods it had used abroad were turned on their own populations.

The Creation of the Boneheads

In WWII Oswald Mosley had played his role in the British Union of Fascists (BUF) or Silver Shirts, for the British oligarchy had used the funding of both the Communist Russians & Chinese plus, in addition to the Italians & Germans Fascists to get what they wanted in the new attempt at a League of Nations, or the UN, and all other international organizations under their control. In the hit TV series Peaky Blinders the links with the elite are hidden.

In more modern times the National Front was kicked started with money from upper class donors for the same purpose, and so there was a big effort to bring the Skinheads into their controlled rightwing ranks.

At this time Punk was coming into prominence in the late 1970s, and this brought on a hard-core sound in the Skinhead scene called “Oi”, which then was used to split the Skinheads yet again as there were better funded National Front Oi bands that stole the attention over just working-class Oi bands. Another former Trotskyite (all who seem to have a habit of becoming neo-cons or false conservatives) named Garry Bushell helped to create Oi Record albums that allowed NF bands to play with anti-NF Oi bands, thus dirtying the waters. There was also fighting at Oi jigs and the National Front was always said to be in support of all Oi bands by the mainstream media. The irony reached fever pitch as the 2-Tone Ska revival bands started, made up naturally of many ethnic backgrounds. These ska bands too were even called racists by the media, for these sub-cultures was not under the oligarch’s control yet.  Being a person of Jamaican background playing with people of all backgrounds and being called a fascist white supremacist is only possible if the media is so whole-heartedly and distortedly controlled. Though this is exactly how it was at the time, as Jamaican family members had to say they were not white supremacists. “It is a funny old world.”

This Ska revival has lasted to this very day with bands like the Specials, Madness, Selector, English Beat, Tokyo Ska Orchestra, the Interruptors and many more. These bands were all anti-racist supporters, with no quotas to fill, as they were naturally filled with people that loved Ska and gave a mature and smart set of ideas to help their listeners. Some created their own record labels as the corruption in the British music industry was total then, as we know now, center on outstanding corruption with the likes of Jimmy Savile and his puppet master strings, not to mention his satanic ties to child rape and murder by the oligarchies which one can see even in the mainstream news sources. This was likely the reason 45s and albums were replaced by CDs. You know CDs were said at the time to keep their sounds longer and not wear down. The real reason was to stop the small labels making songs from the grassroots in Jamaica and England in the poorer slums.

When the oligarchies saw the conservative working-class failure to act as they wanted in the 70s, they hit hard with 80s movies, and when Hollywood actors join in this effort, they were able to go far in their future careers as we can see. Brownnose the top brass and you get juicy parts.

The following movies are all linked to detail plot descriptions. Starting with the famous actor Tim Roth’s first major movie was “Made in Britain”, Russel Crow in “Romper Stomper”, and Edward Norton in “American History X “and even Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard) got into the act in the “Green Room”, before selling out in the latest Star Trek series where he becomes a fool at the expense of his new emotional Woke cast.

In reaction to this ITV Movie with Tim Roth, a skinhead read a poem on one album to fight back. Here is his poem directed at this youth subculture attack, followed by another on Skins in general:

Made In Britain

By Terry McCann


Made in Britain is a load of shit, call him a skin, I call him a tit

He didn’t even wear the right clothes, middle class puppet, second hand pose.

Swastika on his forehead, how stupid can you get

Soon as he would take to the streets, a black guy would kick him to shit

Middle class family watches, “that’s what they are really like”, all that skinhead socialist, cry out on your bike

We were misrepresented by a moron in drag, he wouldn’t know Wools brand (Woolrich) from Levi Red Tag

Walks around like Prince Charles, isn’t that ironic

As for his acting it was chronic

Your talking bullocks Mr. high & mighty Leland (author)

Your scripts full of skips and is totally bland

It’s the same of Oi for England and skinheads too

All skinheads are fascist, we ought to blood sue

It’s a profound statement the ITV says

But’s got “nothing” to do with the sub-skins of today

Oh is Gary Johnson for writing for skins

It about time we put the boot into the TV shins

What about a reply to shows skins at our best, silly programs like this are a blood pest

The skin in question is supposed intelligent and bright

So why is he always using 3 syllable words and always in a fight

You see him sniffing glue, thinking he is hard

He makes witty comments, blimey what a card

He is everything a skinhead ain’t, it’s the normal picture TV paints

Plays music by the Exploited, drags down the name of Oi

Don’t press the waddy, don’t become their toy

Did the producers say it was to be the true story of a skin?

Should have told then to pack it fuckin’ in

Bullocks to Made in Britain, it is the kind of stuff we hate

Next time Leland you write that kind of shit, burn it before it is too late


A Skinhead Voice

By Garry Johnson


I am a target for abuse and physical attack, I’m stopped late at night for walking home by the police, they must think I’m a danger to society, I’ve been refused a cup of tea in a British Rail café, a pint of beer in various pubs, I’ve been beaten up by West Indians, ‘cos they’ve believed what they’ve read in the press, what I am, ain’t you guessed, I’m a skinhead.


Yeah, I’m a skinhead an’ I’m proud, ‘cos I reckon skinheads are the working class culture, an’ you don’t like it, the powers that be, ‘cos we don’t conform to your society.


We’re a working class thing an’ I’m a working class bloke, without a job thanx to you, I’m a skin ‘cos I like the music, the clothes an’ the look, an’ the feeling of beeing a part of a movement. I don’t care what the papers write, I don’t give a fuck about politics, I aint’t never voted an’ I ain’t never gonna, I ain’t a Nazi, a commie or even a social democrat, I’m just one of many who ain’t got no-one in authority, my own view on politics is there’s them an’ us an’ always has been, my only view on race is that I reckon I got more in common with a working class black than I have with some rich middle class white person who spends their life telling me what to do, apart from that I ain’t got nothing to say on race or politics except all politicians are corrupt an’ phoney, an’ liars an’ I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire


I ain’t saying all skins are angels, I ain’t one my-self, all I’m trying to say is, don’t judge us by what you read, sure we’ll fight if provoked, but all we gonna do is have a laugh, places’ to go an’ things to do, you give us entertainment an’ a chance in life, an’ the majority of us will give no trouble.

I know of many Skins that fought fascists physically and then had to deal with people calling them fascists.  Some bailed out of the movement and others sold out. There were reactionaries like SHARP (Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice).  Other liberal sounding titles arrived totally shifted the movement in reaction to these media onslaughts as there were fights on TV talks shows and more. It was a real lesson in what was to happen politically, as people would bend over backwards to shake their bad title of conservative on any issue, and we had conservative politicians becoming Red Tories in Commonwealth Countries, and Rhino Republicans in the US.

If you ever talked to a Bonehead, which I have done in an effort to ascertain their positions, most were like the Bloods and Crips in the US, as they wanted a bad ass name to not be messed with. Yet almost to a man, they had seen the Hollywood Plus movies and wanted in. It was uncanny, for if the moviemakers wanted to have less Boneheads they should have ignored them. The real story is they wanted to replace Ska loving Skinheads with their neo-Nazi wannabe Boneheads, so that the youth would shift that much further to being Woke socialists later, instead of boots & braces working class.

The target keeps changing but the agenda is the same. Shift the youth to the left and throw the fascist label at anyone that holds to any traditional positions. Deracination of the youth is what they want, and then you can all become “fashion victims”- jumping on whatever BS bandwagon Hollywood dishes out to those that have daddy issues because the Frankfort School labelled real men the “Authoritarian Personality.” Now we have effeminacy running wild with emotional hysteria, with the self-confidence of a Karen. Ain’t we the lucky ones?

Honor With or Without U

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