A White Nationalist Constitution

By Giles Corey for the Occidental Observer

As our nation comes apart at the seams, shoddily sewn together in the first place, we must finally acknowledge that conservatism was not enough. The United States Constitution was not enough. As Revilo Oliver observed, “the document must have borne within itself the seed of its own dissolution.” Our compromised Constitution was indeed a compromise, and thus it failed to avert “the decline and fall of the American Republic, which it was designed to establish and preserve.” Abraham Lincoln ripped it into shreds, consigning the Southern States to an eternally impoverished tyranny for good measure. Franklin Roosevelt and his cabal of Jews incinerated its tattered remnants. Every year, Oliver noted, “archaeologists open the graves of dead civilizations and exhume the pathetic remains of forgotten nations that once thought themselves deathless.” For those of us who still hope, against all odds, to retrieve the land that once was ours, “it behooves us to understand the errors of our forefathers so that we will not doom ourselves to repeating them.” One such error was that, despite their Christian recognition of the fallen status of man, the Framers wrote a Constitution for a virtuous people, a Constitution with gaps that would quickly be said to be “open to interpretation” by demoniac lizard-men.

In all fairness, how could they have anticipated the morass of Jewish filth that has drowned our people? A more glaring fault of our forefathers was their use of quasi-egalitarian language in the Revolution. The Constitutional Republic replaced the Articles of Confederation in large part to correct the burgeoning appearance of democracy, a disgusting system which even the most ardent Anti-Federalists abhorred. That said, it was not long before the march toward universal suffrage got underway, the limited franchise made meaningless. No serious nation would permit the gutter dysgenic flotsam and jetsam of American cities to vote, unless that nation was suicidal. By giving the vote to the worst of us, we dug ourselves into a pit and cast away the ladder. As Oliver acknowledged, had the franchise remained limited to White propertied men, “the United States would not have become the political and racial cesspool it is today, and decent Americans could still own property.” Not rent, mind you, but own; Oliver elaborated that “many witlings today think they have property because they rent houses and land from the usurers and tax-collectors of the vast engine of organized crime that governs them and tells them what to ‘think.’” A man with land can provide for himself and his family, “and so cannot be reduced to total slavery and abject dependence on the whims of their alien rulers.”

Racial conservatism, White Nationalism, is the only solution to regenerate our vanishing race. I do not here attempt to draft the new Constitution that we need, but rather humbly offer some of my own big-picture policy proposals for a potential White Nationalist Constitution, assuming that we model our ethnostate on some form of a constitutional republic. Many of you may disagree, perhaps vehemently, with some of my suggestions. I welcome you to submit your own ideas in the comments; surely, this is a worthwhile intellectual challenge. We cannot dam this hurricane; the totalitarian New World Order has arrived, and it is here to stay for now, the occupant of the White House be damned. We must focus on resistance and, above all, on what comes next. Before we can seize victory, we must have a clear vision of the White ethnostate that we wish to build. Of course, the first step in securing the ethnostate is to purchase as much land as we can. Remote, rugged, and rural are our watchwords. The cities will burn first. The countryside offers no quarter to the Blacks, the Browns, or their Jewish overlords. Again, though, a clear political program is a necessary — if not sufficient — prerequisite to victory. I hope that my proposals ignite this much-needed conversation.


Citizenship, Foreign Policy, Immigration, and Suffrage


  1. All citizens shall have the franchise.
  2. Citizenship, and all attached rights, shall be limited to White men aged 25 and over with freely held property (i.e., real property that is owned, not rented, with no exceptions) and who have earned a 100% score on a civilizational competency exam which includes questions of civics, government, and history. Citizenship may be stripped for a number of crimes against the race and the nation.
  3. Whites proven to have assisted in any manner the anti-White egalitarian Judeocracy, including by directly or indirectly engaging in private and/or public support of the cultural and/or physical destruction of the Historic American Nation and/or the White race shall be expelled from our nation, along with their families.
  4. Asians (Central Asians, East Asians, Pacific Islanders and South and Southeast Asians), Blacks (African, American, and Caribbean), Non-White Hispanics (Mexicans, Central Americans, South Americans), Jews, and North Africans and Middle Easterners shall not be permitted entry into our nation for any purpose whatsoever, nor shall the aforesaid be permitted to hold any property or other interest therein. North American Amerindian individuals shall be permitted to remain on one reservation of their ancestral tribe(s), provided that said individuals do not leave said reservation. Tribal sovereignty shall be dissolved.
  5. Individuals of the forbidden groups in (4) who held citizenship in the geographic unit formerly known as the United States will be expelled, unless that individual qualifies as the non-White parent of a half-White citizen, as set forth in (9). Individuals of the forbidden groups in (4) who resided in the geographic unit formerly known as the United States without holding U.S. citizenship will be expelled, with no exceptions. Individuals of the forbidden groups in (4) who were imprisoned by the polity formerly known as the United States for violent crimes against Whites will be executed immediately. All other individuals of the forbidden groups in (4) who were imprisoned by the polity formerly known as the United States will be expelled alongside their other racial kinsmen.
  6. Individuals expelled in (5) will be repatriated to their country of ancestral origin at their own expense. If an individual cannot afford this cost, another member of his racial group will do so on his behalf.
  7. Individuals expelled in (5) will surrender all wealth earned as the result of harming Whites, including but not limited to wealth earned from government welfare programs, private and public affirmative action quotas, the promulgation of illicit and/or immoral activity, wage deflation, and usury.
  8. Immigration procedures shall be available only to Whites of European ancestry, including Europeans, White Hispanics, and White South Africans.
  9. In the case of mixed-race men, only those with at least 50% White ancestry shall be permitted to gain citizenship, provided that the other 50% contains no Black or Jewish ancestry. For the aforementioned qualifying mixed-race, half-White citizens, their non-White parent may reside in our nation, but cannot gain citizenship and cannot own property. The aforementioned qualifying mixed-race, half-White citizens may also marry full-blooded Whites. All other forms of miscegenation shall be forbidden, punishable by expulsion.
  10. The practice of Judaism or Islam in any form shall be forbidden, punishable by expulsion.
  11. All borders of our nation shall be patrolled, in their entirety, by armed soldiers or private militiamen, our land boundaries further secured by a wall.
  12. Our nation shall maintain no foreign military alliances or installations.
  13. Our nation shall make no foreign aid expenditures, and shall conduct no cultural or economic exchange with any directly or indirectly hostile nation.


Criminal Justice, Culture, and Environment


  1. The sentence of life, with or without the possibility of parole, shall be replaced with the sentence of death. Convicts sentenced to death shall receive one appeal only, upon the failure of which the convict shall be executed within one week, by firing squad alone.
  2. All drugs criminalized by the polity formerly known as the United States, including marijuana in all of its forms, shall be prohibited. Substance abuse shall be punishable by prison sentence, while drug manufacture, distribution, and/or sale shall be punishable by expulsion. Drug manufacturers, distributors, or sellers whose “clients” go on to die, if proven that said manufacturer, distributor, or seller’s drugs were a necessary condition of said death, shall be punished by death.
  3. Infanticide shall be prohibited in all cases, except in the extremely improbable scenario wherein the life of the mother would be placed in mortal peril, subject to the permission of both father and mother.
  4. Marriage shall be available to noncitizens, but shall only be between White men and White women, including half-White citizens as set forth in (9). Mixed-race couples with half-White children which qualify as citizens under (9) shall have their marriage recognized, so long as said marriage was performed prior to the formation of our nation.
  5. Divorce may only be obtained if sought by both husband and wife, unless one party can provide a high standard of evidence of substantial fault on the part of the other to justify a unilateral divorce. If divorce is granted, both mother and father shall evenly split the custody of the children conceived within their marriage, unless a strong showing can be made that, for the good of the child, one parent should be granted full custody.
  6. Homosexuality shall be forbidden, punishable by expulsion. Any individual found to have encouraged, facilitated, promoted, or participated in homosexuality shall be expelled.
  7. Transgenderism shall be forbidden, punishable by expulsion. Any individual found to have encouraged, facilitated, promoted, or participated in transgenderism shall be expelled.
  8. Pornography, in any and all forms, shall be forbidden. The manufacture, consumption, distribution, and/or sale of pornography shall be punishable by expulsion. If involving minors, rape, and/or sexual trafficking, the violator shall be punishable by death.
  9. Pedophilia shall be forbidden, punishable by death.
  10. Subversive anti-White speech, protest, or other action shall be punishable by expulsion.
  11. Firearms shall be available to all citizens, and each community with a population of 100 or more must maintain a well-drilled militia, or “neighborhood watch.” Citizenship shall be withheld from any man who has not served for at least 2 years in the national military, State militia, or community militia.
  12. Generous childbirth bounties shall be offered on a targeted basis to eugenic White couples.
  13. Publicly-funded welfare shall be available only if conditioned upon daily sobriety tests, daily evidence that the applicant is actively seeking employment, and a term of public infrastructural work, the length of which shall be proportional to the receipt of welfare.
  14. Our nation shall not subsidize “green energy”, including but not limited to “biomass”, ethanol, solar, and wind energy. Protected wilderness areas shall be expanded and rigorously patrolled against poaching and pollution, while clean air and water legislation shall be thoroughly enforced, punishable by imprisonment.
  15. Animal cruelty, including animal testing, vivisection, and factory farming, shall be punishable by death. Factory farming practices that do not rise to the standard for animal cruelty shall be prohibited, punishable by economic seizure and imprisonment.


Again, this meager list of policy proposals is intended as a challenge. I have left a plethora of issues unaddressed, and my solutions to those issues that I have chosen to address will certainly elicit polarized responses. While I wholeheartedly stand by each word that I write, I also understand that you may have better ideas. Express them in the comments, along with any ideas for other policy problems.


Remember the words of Fight Club’s Tyler Durden: “It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.” The United States of America is dead. We mustn’t mourn what has been lost, but consider it an opportunity — an opportunity the likes of which come around scarcely more often than once in a century. We have the chance now to wipe it all away and build a better world, to finally and forever secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

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