Adapt or Die

By Tony Martel for Occidental Dissent

One of the great delusions White Advocates suffer from is the belief they are the sole bearers of truth in a world of lies. Only they are saying what our people need to hear to awake from a Leftist induced slumber. It isn’t true. They aren’t the only ones and our people are more awake than they realize.

Two examples from my local gym demonstrate this.

The first happened the day before I started writing this. A passionate discussion broke out in the heat of the sauna about Pelosi and impeachment. Everyone present was a Trump supporter. As we were sweating and speaking, a woman on the upper bench said, “Another thing is that the white population isn’t having kids. That’s gonna be a big problem down the road.” Muslim birthrates, worries about their grand-kids future, and all of it mixing into massive violence followed.

The second happened this past spring in the hot tub just outside that sauna. I was talking to an older gentleman I’ve had many political talks with. He is a Trump supporting Conservative as well. He said something very interesting during a discussion of the Democratic debates.

“Well, Bernie Sanders never worked a day in his life,” he said.
“Oh I know,” I agreed.
“You know why?”
“No, tell me,” I answered intrigued.
“He’s connected to the Jewish mafia.”
“Yeah, Communism.”

None of these people are Neo-Nazis, Alt-Right, or whatever label Leftists would throw at them. I doubt they’ve heard of Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer, Greg Johnson, or Andrew Anglin. Nor do they know my true political beliefs so they weren’t trying to get a rise out of me. They are ordinary, everyday white people discussing issues they’re supposed to be ignorant of according to White Advocates.

And those are just the most dramatic examples. There are countless others from my neighbor saying she loves Trump for being the first president in her lifetime trying to help the white working class to a Trump hating coworker letting slip, “If it wasn’t for black on black crime there would be no crime” in response to the Rocky A$AP story from Sweden. Our people aren’t in an eternal slumber like Sleeping Beauty. They are waking up faster than White Advocates imagine. In fact, they are waking up without them.
They’re doing so because those issues are no longer in the shadows. The annual Amren conference is not the only place they can be discussed. They’re being screamed about in the public square.

Those screaming loudest are the enemies of our people. Long gone are the days of treacherous white Liberals sugarcoating our destruction with feel good slogans. The rising tide of color can’t contain itself. Our message is smashed into our people’s faces every time AOC and her ilk appear on TV. It is a waste of time for White Advocates to write exposes of these people. They’re exposing themselves. Ordinary whites already know about them before you hit publish on WordPress.

It’s not just Leftists doing this. Whether out of sincere conviction or cynical opportunism, members of the mainstream Right are doing so too. The best example is Tucker Carlson. His show has done more to expose anti-white insanity in 3 years than White Advocate websites have in 3 decades. Others such as Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh do so with increasing frequency. Let’s not forget the litany a YouTube personalities decrying the rise of Wokeness. Anti-white hatred is no longer an unspoken secret. We are in a different world from even fifteen years ago when Amren was the only place I could discover such hidden truths.

As for those Cuckservatives who can’t tell where the winds are blowing, they’re irrelevant. No one reads them. Their subscription rates and internet rankings testify to this. I’ve never read a single piece by David French or Bill Kristol. The only reason I’ve heard of them is because White Advocates pen articles whining about them. These losers napalmed any credibility they had during the Never Trump movement. The president has exposed them just as Tucker has the Looney Left. Stop wasting time on them. Is the goal to build a home for our people or keep bludgeoning the dead horse of Conservative Inc. that so many White Advocates feel betrayed by? At times I can’t tell

How are White Advocates missing all of this? How are they so disconnected from our people’s awakening and the lack of any part they play in it? The reason is that they are completely disconnected from them. The Alt-Right, Dissident Right, White Advocates, or whatever term used for the same people believing the same things has dissolved into a sub-culture. From the lingo they use to the books they read, they have nothing in common with other whites around them. The sad thing is that many seem proud of this. They remind me of Karl Marx who was somehow going to lead the workers into a revolution without ever setting foot in a factory, mill, or mine. They are somehow going to create a society for whites to live in without knowing how whites live in society.

Criticize Trump all you want but his reality-show stardom, pro-wrestling appearances, and unapologetic fast food eating has more in common with ordinary whites than your obscure interwar philosophers, obsessiveness about IQ, and constant screeching about degeneracy. Is it any wonder he’s done more to move things in your direction than you yourselves have?

So what should White Advocates do? Should they just give up and go home? No. They’re role is more important than ever. They just need to make 2 major changes.

First and foremost they need to get offline. Log off their digital chains and be free among their people. I deleted my Facebook, Twitter, and other social media 2 years ago and I’m so much happier. My time is actually spent with my people instead of reading enemy article attacking them or comment sections filled with malcontents alienated from them. I see their good and bad, hear about their dreams and nightmares, experience their wins and losses with them. They’re not normies to me. They are my people and we are one.

An anthem of peoplehood

For almost 2 years I’ve barely interacted with anyone in the movement. My love and dedication to my people has grown during that time. Get away from the computer and talk to them, read the books they read, watch the movies they watch, play and work with them, actually be one of them. Then maybe you’ll be able to lead them.

Second and most important is to realize you are no longer needed as truth-tellers. You are no longer the first step on people’s journey to racial truth. You aren’t where people go to find out they are white. You are where they go after they’ve realized this. “Ok I’m white, now what?” is where you are.
Rush, Trump, and Tucker can only run so far. You have to pick up the baton where they drop it. Don’t waste time trying to wake people up. They’re already up if they find you.

The passionate defense of white identity and interest is where those figures with bigger audiences can’t go. So why are you futilely trying to compete with them where they can? Anti-white bias, white depression and suicide, and non-white crime are where they can venture. Our history and heritage is where they can’t. So focus on that, not news commentary. You’re no longer needed in that battle.

One thing that has always bugged me about this movement is how culturally barren it is. For all the bitter criticisms of Cuckservatives, White Advocates seem as allergic to the arts as they are. You are obsessed with IQ and DNA as much as they are with elections and economics. Both leave our culture in the hands of those destroying it.

Where are the podcasts analyzing the great works of our people? The late, great Jonathan Bowden understood the importance of celebrating them. Trevor Lynch’s movie reviews (and other Counter-Currents articles) are the only things that come close since his death. But it’s nowhere near enough. My favorite podcasts is In Our Time on BBC radio. I’ve learned more about our people’s military battles, scientific achievements, and artistic masterpieces than all pro-white blogs and books combined. Instead of those inspiring things, it’s depressing news stories and bitching about current politicians over and over again. Let that sink in. An enemy institution has taught me more about my identity than all my allies’ outlets combined. White Advocates need to dedicate less time to being William F. Buckley and National Review and more being Melvyn Bragg and In Our Time.

The past embodies our identity as the future does our interests. White Advocates should be churning out articles about the world they will build. An ethnostate is the solution to many of the ills our people suffer from currently. So where are all the works describing how an ethnostate will be a good thing? How An Ethnostate Will Make Whites Healthier, How An Ethnostate Will Make Whites Wealthier, How An Ethnostate Will Makes Whites Safer, How An Ethnostate Will Make Whites Happier are just a few of the topics that should be able to fill a book of essays by now. You, White Advocates, have to tell our people in detailed terms why they will be better off building a new society for themselves instead of desperately trying to crawl back to a colorblind one for all. Simply giving them an endless catalogue of horrors makes them do just that. If you are the only ones that can guarantee them a future, then you have to tell them why they should choose it over oblivion. Be campaigners for the future, not just complainers of the present.

My last point will preemptively address a criticism I’m sure many are muttering to themselves. It’s something along the lines of, “Of course those in the mainstream are saying those things! They’re secretly reading our sites!” Well, that’s a good thing. You’re secretly moving the Overton Window; time to write about the next step so they’re read that too. They’re already plundering the material you’ve focused on for decades so give them new things to plunder in order to open the window even more. Make the next Tucker Carlson secretly read about the ethnostate as the current one does anti-white bias.

The world is changing fast. But White Advocates don’t realize it. That’s because they’ve hidden themselves in an alienated little bubble. But they have serious work to do. They need to get to it or suffer the worst form of political death: irrelevance.

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