Antifa for Boomers

By Florida Man for Identity Dixie

For the past 4 years, the international Communist organization that is Antifa has gained more and more notoriety and publicity. They were present at Trump’s inauguration, the G20 Summit, multiple protests in Oregon and California, and most notably at the Unite The Right protest in Charlottesville, Virginia. Despite information on them being easily accessible, people still prefer to distort the truth and label them as fascists or “the real Nazis” and even going as far as to say that World War 2 veterans were the original Antifa. These ridiculous claims gain a lot of traction among the politically and historically illiterate and need to end.

Antifa pulls their name from the simplified version of Antifaschistische Aktion, a militant organization formed to fight Fascism and Nationalism that was started by members of the Communist Party of Germany (KDP), and described as a “red united front under the leadership of the only anti-fascist party, the KPD.” Under the leadership of Ernst Thälmann, an ardent Stalinist, they mainly spent their time attacking the Social Democratic Party of Germany, a group dedicated to preserving the republic, declaring them “social fascists;” something similar that the modern form of Antifa does today with the Republican Party. Within this movement, according to historian Norman Davies, we find the origin of “fascist” and “fascism” being an epithet to describe anything that was anti-Soviet, anti-Stalin, and used to describe capitalist societies. With rather isolated beginnings, we see Antifa today as a global movement with cells in multiple countries, whether it be in France, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and various states within the U.S.

French Antifa

The average American who isn’t familiar with politics outside of the standard American Republican-Democrat dichotomy is quick to say something along the lines of “ironic how the antifascists act like fascists” when referring to the violent tactics used by Antifa. It can’t be stated enough that violence used for political means is not inherently left or right wing, there is nothing specifically fascist about political violence. Communist movements all across the world used violence to secure their rule; they did it in Russia, Cuba, China, Nicaragua, and many more. In fact, violent revolution is part of Communist theory, as detailed in The Communist Manifesto.

In the Current Year™, Antifa is capable of subverting the masses by sharing memes that distract from their Communist roots and beliefs. Poorly crafted Antifa memes will claim that their name is only short for “anti-fascist” and that if you are against fascism, then you’re also one of them. This simply isn’t the case, and one can look at their logo for reference; the red flag representing Communism and the black for Anarchism. Simply being against fascism does not make one an Anarchist or Communist. But their subversion goes further: a popular meme they’ve been promoting is that soldiers that fought for the Allies in World War 2 were the “OG Antifa,” a pathetic attempt at subverting the masses into believing that their forefathers, who fought for a country that supported Jim Crow laws and a racially segregated military, were the definition of “anti-fascism.” Meanwhile, the same people pushing that ridiculous message and their ilk deface WW2 monuments in the US and in the UK.

While people argue whether or not President Trump has the authority to declare Antifa as a domestic terrorist group, it’s rather obvious that they’re not domestic at all. While various Democrat leaning websites argue whether or not Antifa are the “good guys,” it’s obvious that they’re pushing for a Communist Revolution that would lead to them being forced into re-education camps and gulags. One thing is certain: Antifa is a global organization with cells in many different states and countries, with websites such as Unicorn Riot, It’s Going Down, Expo, Searchlight, Antifaschistisches Infoblatt, and Triad City Beat, that push their Marxist ideology and doxx their political opponents, whether they’re fascist or not. Antifa aren’t the “real Nazis” and they’re not fascists by any stretch of the word, they are violent communist revolutionaries who will persecute any and all who oppose their radical agenda.

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