Republicans Never Had a Chance in Georgia

By Neil Kumar for Identity Dixie

I question the sanity of anyone who actually believed that David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler had even a chance of winning the Senate runoffs in Georgia. In the first place, a strong argument may be made that the mass of Republican voters was utterly and totally demoralized by the brazen coup which we witnessed in November, by the heartrending sight of our nation in its death throes, by the overwhelming and inescapable psychosis of witnessing all that we have ever known torn asunder. Who could blame the Republican voter for sitting this election out?

The best that the Stupid Party could muster were Perdue and Loeffler, corporate stooges and “legal” immigration boosters par excellence. Perdue appears to have quite the penchant for insider trading, using his office to increase his personal wealth. Perhaps he is trying to catch up to Loeffler, who, with a net worth of at least eight hundred million dollars, is by far the wealthiest member of Congress. Loeffler was also investigated for insider trading this year, but she at least came up with a plausible explanation.

Perdue and Loeffler both voted for Senator Mike Lee’s Big Tech assault on high-skilled American labor, the “Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act,” and both also voted for the farcical National Defense Authorization Act which strips Confederate names from military properties. Perdue also made a career out of outsourcing American labor to the Third World, and co-sponsored legislation that would make it a federal crime for American citizens to boycott or protest the actions of the State of Israel—which, I must apparently remind our Republican “representatives,” is a foreign country with its own set of interests. We were supposed to get excited for these two? We were supposed to believe that they would be the defenders of Western civilization? Give me a break. When have Republicans ever “held the line”?

This brings me to the second—and more important—reason why it is no surprise whatsoever that the Republicans did not win in Georgia. Why would anyone think that there would be anything other than a repeat of the very same blatant, gloatingly thinly-concealed electoral fraud that we saw in November? The very same Third World blacks of Georgia, who perpetrated that fraud, went uninvestigated and unpunished, along with their gap-toothed standard-bearer, the Voodoo Priestess of Georgia, Stacey Abrams. The Gateway Pundit has, more than any other publication, documented the massive chicanery which took place in the State of Georgia, as well as the dubious conduct and motivations of Governor Brian Kemp, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, and voting implementation manager Gabriel Sterling.

As aforementioned, it is no coincidence that the counties of Georgia with the highest incidence of fraud were and are its most heavily black. Corruption is the natural state of black politics. What else could we have expected from allowing the likes of these to run something as important as an election? Not only were they permitted to “count” votes for United States President, but they were then permitted to run the “recount,” and now the Senate runoffs, with the fate of the nation in the balance. This fraud would not have been so consequential if Republican politicians—and Republican voters—had put up a stronger fight.

Instead, large numbers of elected Republican officials—including all of my home State of Arkansas’s Congressmen and Senators—are unwilling even to object to the “election” on procedural grounds. Senator Tom Cotton declared that challenging the results of the Electoral College, no matter how clearly compromised, would establish “unwise precedents” for the next Republican President. What universe does Senator Cotton live in? There will never be another Republican President, if indeed there is ever another Presidential election. The Constitution is dead. The United States of America, as a singular political unit, is over. But rather than recognize reality and act accordingly, the GOP is still hamstrung by cocktail conservatives like Mitch McConnell, Tim Scott, Lindsey Graham, and the vulture capitalist Pierre Delecto—ahem, Mitt Romney—who harangue their own voters with lectures about “civility.”

Civility? Those who bemoan the average conservative’s incivility and insensitivity to the needs of alien enemies have lost the war before it had a chance to be waged. The cocktail conservatives who decry “racism” and wish never to hurt their bloodthirsty enemies’ feelings have ceded the moral high ground to the wholly morally bankrupt Left. They speak—and thus think—in terms that are established and policed by the Left. It is the Democrats whose hordes of Antifa/BLM street thugs loot, burn, rape, and murder white conservatives with reckless abandon. It is the Democrats whose roving bands of criminals menace white conservatives each and every day, while their apologists in the media and academia heap scorn upon their victims, white Americans, hammering home the message that whites deserve what is coming.

Those who imbibe the siren song of “civility” are thus happy to ignore the fact that, in the eyes of the Enemy, not only do white lives not matter, but that the end of White America is a triumph of virtue that must be commemorated and celebrated. To mention this at all, to state that the ruling class and its savage servile army are out to annihilate our lives and the very memory of our existence, is punishable by excommunication from the “Big Tent” of the Republican Party—you know, the one with Charlie Kirk’s gyrating drag queens and “Bang Girls.” I suspect that the bulk of the current elected Republicans will be found in five years’ time wandering soot-stained and bleary-eyed amidst the ruins of what was once America, muttering over and again to themselves, “At least I still have the Constitution.”

If we cannot manage to overturn what is unquestionably the most obviously corrupt event in American political history, what can we do? Where is the resistance? How long shall we remain obedient in our little masks, getting our little vaccines with God only knows what’s inside? Everything that we feared will shortly come to pass. The land that we love is no longer in our hands, and indeed has not been for some time now. The one silver lining of the coming totalitarianism is that now, at least, the mask is dropped. They will come at us, hard; perhaps that is what will finally provoke resistance. If we still see no pushback, there likely never will be. Soon, there won’t be enough of us left to win. It’s now or never. What is happening now might truly be without historical precedent, but the closest situation to ours may well have been the Bolshevik Revolution, at least in terms of destructive potential. Imperial Russia, however, had the White Army and the Orthodox Church behind it—and was still eviscerated.

Who and what do we have? Only time will tell.

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