By Mike Walsh of Renegade Tribune

Self-Publishing should be what it says on the can; you are your own publisher. It is your book; you are in complete control of your book’s presentation and publication. The copyright is yours, as are the royalties. It is liberating and can be profitable.

Dissident authors are ostracised by conventional publishers, booksellers and book reviewers of periodicals. As a consequence anti-establishment authors are easy prey for parasitical backstreet publishers. These vultures welcome dissident writers as they can make a killing. It isn’t a pretty sight.

In response to the Killing the Golden Goose story I received much sympathy and suggestions. I was dismayed to discover how many revisionist scholars endure their royalties being stolen by right-wing rogues.

A well-known historian suffered great financial loss whilst serving a prison term for denying the holocaust. My books were pirated as were those of others. Rogue publishers take advantage of the fact that litigation is costly and complex. I am in complete agreement with the Chinese who publicly execute those who plunder the purses of the innocent.

Is there a less lethal antidote? Yes, self-publishing using a system based on integrity, transparency and experience. A system devised and managed by an ethnic-nationalist who has a proven record of putting service to the ethnic-community before personal gain.

Author and professional writer most of my adult life I added ghost-writing to my writing services in 2010. As a ghost-writer / editor I derive satisfaction from bringing poorly written content to retail standards.

In 2014 I started publishing my books using Print on Demand (POD) publishers. Think Amazon, but there are now scores of POD publishers. Basically, an author’s pre-prepared copy is submitted to the POD publisher. The book is soon afterwards printed and available to billions of browsers.

The self-publishing process is not for the faint-hearted. Tedious and complex, registration and uploading are the rocket science of publishing. For this reason it is expensive. Some ghost-writers charge $120 per 1,000 words. Even at $60 per 1,000 words an outlay of $4,200 for a book to be prepared for POD that can add a further $3,000. Okay! Let’s not go there.

I could write a book on the topic of writing and publishing. However, I will keep it simple by referring to my website. There one finds everything one needs to know.

It goes without saying that unlike palace publishers I am not judgemental. My fees are market reasonable. If as an individual you find the costs of ghost-writing and publishing beyond your means, the solution is easy.

You will have heard of a small investor’s scheme known as crowd funding. Make your book a group effort by inviting others to help you and if they wish to do so claim a share of the royalties. These are generally 10% to 20% of your book’s cover price.

Unlike the underhanded pirate publishers there is complete transparency. Once you are published you have password link that tells you how many books you have sold and what your royalties are. These are paid regularly directly into your bank account; the system is as clear as you could hope for.

The essence of self-publishing is that you are in total control; the copyright and royalty are yours. All the POD publisher does is print and provide their online shopping facility.

The marketing is down to you. Don’t groan; in the unlikely circumstance your book is accepted by an establishment publisher they do the marketing badly and the royalties are much less. Over time the royalties of your book should recover your outlay. If you strike lucky you could get rich. The Turner Diaries, None Dare Call it Treason, Did Six Million Really Die, Behind Communism, sold in the hundreds of thousands.

Mike Walsh Writing Services can be contacted by visiting my website.

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