Always the Horizon


By Murdoch Murdoch, Published in 2021



First, I just wanted to say, you’re all a bunch of faggots.
Secondly I would like to thank /pol/ and the 4chuds
community in general. You have forever changed me for the
better. When I first came here I hated you. I thought you were
a bunch of mean spirited racists (lol). However, in time I
began to understand what you were fighting for, and
eventually I too joined your cause. Do you remember what it
was like before Trump? We never thought we could change
anything. We were sure that Europe was lost. But now? Now I
know Europe will live. I know that in the end, even if we do
not live to see it, the European continuum will live on, to see
tomorrow’s dawn. I know that a lot of content creators on the
internet say that they “love” their fans, and I know how
hollow that can sound, but I do love you guys. You were my
comrades in the trenches throughout these turbulent years.
You broke me free from (((their))) system. You destroyed my
nihilism. You helped me once again find God or purpose, or
whatever we will call it. The whole internet calls you guys the
worst of the worst, but it simply isn’t true. You are the best of
your generations. They call you incels, freaks and losers, but
that is false. You are the few who decided to bravely face the
unknown. To ride out in the horizon, chasing the sun. I still
don’t know what those early threads must have been like,
when you guys were first coming to terms with race realism,
sex realism and the Jewish question. Some say it started
around 2008, but we all know that that sacred flame came
from communities much older than this anime image board.

This little book is dedicated to George Lincoln Rockwell,
Savitri Devi, William Luther Pierce, Adolf Hitler, Charles
Darwin, Terence McKenna, Friedrich Nietzsche, Ebba
Akerlund and all of you who fight for the European
continuum. Whether your eyes are blue or green, I love you.
Even if you are not a white person, or only partially white, I
love you. What I have come to see, is that this is about
something much larger than the “white race”. This is about
whether or not there will be “knowing” within Being. Yes, it
is true that through the European continuum, there exists the
greatest propensity towards “knowing”, but one does not
have to be European to aid that force. That’s what you’re
really fighting for, you know? You built the microscope to
look out at the microscopic world. You built the telescope to
look out at the heavens. Like Hume, you looked towards what
we can see, and like Kant you looked towards what we can
not see. Always pursuing the “knowing”. Always chasing the
Sun. If Europe dies and the Semite is made to rule the Earth
and fulfil his machinations, Being will lose its ability to know
itself. That is why you must fight. That is why you, the non
white, must aid the Aryan. That is why you, the young
European girl, must make as many beautiful white babies as
you can handle. That is why you, my white brothers in arms,
must give everything to defend our peoples.
– Murdoch Murdoch

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