Heaven’s Smile


By Peter Ireland, Published in 2016



We’ve known dark days in the past, when barbarians – Arab, Mongol and Turk – have threatened to destroy holy Europa. All failed. Yet by today Aryan man faces obliteration. Our most deadly enemy has succeeded in undermining every facet of European culture and identity; the continent groans under an avalanche of invaders without a single shot having been fired. The stench of treachery and corruption fills the air.


Heaven’s Smile is a parable in three acts for the crisis of today.


  • Rachel, a sophisticated liberal, thinks she understands contemporary life. She’s a typical unquestioning and disinterested consumer of the vacuous sound bites pumped out by those bastions of freedom and truth: the media, the education system, globalist corporatism and the creeping, ubiquitous state. Yet all’s fine and dandy by Rachel: until one-day reality comes a-knocking …


  • The men of 7th Decuria stand impatiently with packed gear and shouldered GA-6 rifles, awaiting Vasily’s order. Constantinople is less than 15 klicks away, the Turks are broken and on the run – now’s the time to strike. Vasily, acutely aware of the mounting tension, suddenly straightens as the crucial message breaks over his helmet’s COMS system. Giving a steely grin he turns to his troops: Tempus est


  • Oriana hurries into the Gare de Lyon making a beeline for the soon-to-depart Rome maglev. Trailing her partner, she pushes doggedly through the crowds in the knowledge that missing the train would shatter her meticulously prepared weekend. As they take their seats Oriana turns to Pascal. ‘Is it doable?’ He smiles reassuringly. ‘With the people you’ve assembled? Of course it is.’

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