Conquering Berlin


By Wilfrid Bade, Published in 2021 (1933)



Berlin: Capital of the Reich. In the heyday of the decadent Weimar Republic, the political heart of Germany is a Red fortress with streets overrun by communist gangs. While the brown-shirted SA-Men are ascendant in  other parts of the country, only the bravest dare set foot in Berlin’s working-class neighborhoods.


But the SA is awash with brave men willing to sacrifice everything to bring about their Third Reich. Spurred on by their love of Germany and by the charismatic Dr. Goebbels, the Berlin NSDAP rise from a handful of men in a dingy cellar to the toughest group of fighting men under the SA banner. Conquering Berlin tells the inside story, through the eyes of the humble worker Schulz, of their struggle to retake the Red City. From barroom brawls to street demonstrations, from moments of happiness to devastating defeats, the SA risk life and limb to wrest the German people from the clutches of dirty cops and Bolshevik assassins.


First published by Wilfrid Bade in 1933, Conquering Berlin was banned in the Soviet occupation zone, the author dying in a prison camp in Lithuania. Antelope Hill Publishing is proud to present the first-ever English translation of this historical tour-de-force.

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