By Haarlem Venison, Published in 2016



The delicate coherence of a middle-American town is rocked to its core with the arrival of Zeb, a freight-riding, DMT-dosing dharma bum with a questionable past, a ukulele, and an unusual critique of our era’s most sacred moral assumptions. Though he soon overstays his welcome, it is not before first attracting the attention of Natty, an alt-right obsessed teenage girl with a burning hatred of her biracial parentage. Brought together by a common antipathy toward society as they know it, the pair embark on a danse macabre that sends them hurtling across the rail yards, dumpsters, and natural wonderment of the nation, all the while nagging the reader with the question of what, exactly, it is that Zeb is trying to say—and why on earth Natty would listen to him. “DEATHTOTHEWORLD: an interracial racist love story” is a deeply racist tale of radical empathy and love rising out of the ashes of a world on the brink of revolution. It is as much a timely remark on the state of humanity as it is a timeless love poem penned between the lines of history. This is the fruit of a man who counts himself not a writer, but a student of the human condition and active combatant in the war of ideas.

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