Free America!


By Fritz Kuhn et alia, Published in 2019



Few organizations in American history have been as slandered and lied about as much as the German-American Bund (1937–1941), or Bund, the United States’ largest pro-National Socialist organization in its history. With a membership of 200,000—and a plan to have a million members by 1940—the Bund was a growing force until the state clamped down, first with a bogus “embezzlement” charge against its leader, and finally by forcing its dissolution with America’s entry in the Second World War.

The six speeches contained in this book were first issued in printed format in 1939, following the Bund’s most famous public rally at Madison Square Garden in February 1939. The speakers—all the Bund’s top leaders—were given specialist topics designed to explain the purpose, ideology, and action plan of the organization.

Topics covered included the Bund’s approach to race, economics, labor unions, foreign policy, religion, and the influence of the Jewish lobby over American finance, media, culture, and politics.

These speeches and policy pronouncements have been suppressed for decades, and this is the first full and accurate reprint of these historically highly significant policy positions, drawn directly from a Bund original. The only changes have been the correction of typographical errors in the original.

Also included is a preface which gives a short, illustrated history of the German-American Bund. This reveals in shocking detail the extent of the trumped-up charges which saw the organization’s leader sentenced to jail in Sing Sing Prison—to be locked up with the most dangerous and criminal elements of American society—as a punishment for daring to disagree with the establishment’s political ideology.

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