From Her Eyes a Doctrine


By Ash Donaldson, Published in 2019



What if America’s future looks more like South Africa? A race of pioneers, builders, and creators, brought low and targeted for judgment. Forget reparations. This is Retribution.

Imagine a world in which Europe and America are no longer recognizable, a world beset by ethnic conflict and economic ruin. Witness the last throes of a dying race, consumed by self-loathing, bred out of existence, and undone by its own self-destruction. It is the year 2107.

Born into this darkness, Phoebe is unaware that anything else is possible. Until the day a man takes her on a journey from the white ghettoes of Minneapolis to an outpost of freedom hidden deep in the Northern Woods. Here, an ancient religion has been resurrected, along with a way of life as unexpected as it is uniquely natural to our people. And here Phoebe will fall deeply in love with the most dangerous man alive.

Enter a world that mingles dystopian horror with life-affirming hope. A world of thrilling romance and heart-pounding peril. A world as ancient as our race, that may well turn out to be our future….

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