Indian Massacres and Tales of the Red Skins


By James N. Bookstover, Published in 1895



The assertion that “truth is stranger than fiction” is again verified in this little volume, the contents of which have been collated from historical facts about Indians from time immemorial in America down to the present day – far surpassing the blood-curdling stories evolved from the imaginations of sensational novel writers. All the bloody massacres and Indian wars with our aborigines are here succinctly transcribed for the benefit of those who have not the time or data for research, yet crave the exciting and horrible in literature. It is not the intention of the compiler to inflame the minds of Young America, or provide that kind of mental pabulum that creates a desire to go West to fight the Red Men. Hence he advises the putting away of all guns, for all the remaining savages in this country are now corraled on reservations under the eyes of Government soldiers, and there is small possibility of there ever being occasion again to record parallel Indian horrors with those here presented.

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