By Simon Webb, Published in 2022



A fatigued traveler discovers a girl with a mysterious power in a city that simultaneously becomes the center of a global hoax setting a new political paradigm. A young man wanders into and out of an incredible inheritance in a scenario set up to contemplate the spiritual condition of a race in its twilight. Ordinary men in different contexts lend their eyes for a glimpse into the complexity and causes of social sundering in America.

The above briefly describes a few of the stories, parables, and allegories that fill this book. These stories, at once imaginative and down to earth, contain settings ranging from alternate futures and magical time travel to the real-life backwoods of America and a cast of characters including Baby Boomers who should have politically awoken but never will, working-class dissidents struggling in an atomized society, and the weak fathers and feminist mothers who failed to raise them. Each story is written not only with a skilled pen, but also a deeply perceptive understanding of the complexities of human relationships and personalities and the profoundly rooted causes of modern Western society’s terminal decay. Touching upon themes including the temptation of fatalism, the futility of conservatism, the victimization of individuals by forces outside their control, the failure of authority figures, the pitfalls of human interpersonal struggles, and forever lost romances, this anthology with undoubtedly capture the attention of political dissidents and scholars of the human condition alike.

Relevant creative writing is more important to preserve now than ever and this unique work is an excellent example. Sure to be an instant classic, Antelope Hill is proud to present author Shawn Bell’s debut work

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