The Immigration Invasion


By Arthur Kemp, Published in 2017



According to European Union figures, more than 2.6 million Africans and other non-Europeans entered Europe illegally during 2015 and 2016, either overland through Turkey or after crossing the Mediterranean Sea by boat.

Can Europe survive mass Third World immigration on this scale? Can Europe survive Third World immigration at all?

This book, now completely updated to 2017, answers that question with a definitive “no.”

The author shows firstly how all cultures are unique to their originating peoples, and that racial demographic replacement is the one guaranteed way to extinguish diversity and different cultures. He shows that the very future of Europe and the European people are imperiled by this mass movement of Third Worlders—and that this has nothing to do with “racism” or the denigration of any other people or culture.

The book then moves on to a case-by-case study of the extent and impact of Third World immigration on all the major nations in western and eastern Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

In each of these case studies, the full current extent of Third World immigration—more correctly called colonization—is reviewed, along with dramatic insights into the effect such immigration is having upon those societies, showing the complete fallacy of the “immigration is needed to keep the economy going” lie.

Eye-opening statistics on race and crime, immigration and social delinquency, immigrant imprisonment rates, non-European welfare dependency, and finally the ethnic cleansing of Europeans from their homelands by racial demographic displacement, are discussed in full, using the latest official statistics and projections as sources.

Finally, the author discusses what must be done if Europeans are not to be ethnically cleansed under the Third World immigration tsunami: they must either engineer a political revolution to reclaim their homelands, or immediately start working toward the creation of a European homeland, or ethnostate, exactly like the Jews have done with the state of Israel.

Failure to enact one—or both—of these political actions will result in the extinction of the European people and their civilization, the author warns.

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