The Programme of the NSDAP: Blueprint for National Survival


By Mike Walsh, Published in 2015



Gottfried Feder’s NSDAP Programme is a manual for national recovery. Its lessons can be applied to any nation today. Its purpose is to restore economic independence, to ensure racial security for the people, and divert the nation’s wealth from banking cartels to the people. Its purpose is to right historical wrongs and form a basis of nationhood on stability, security and prosperity. Drawing on the Programme, Germany in less than 36 months enjoyed full employment and the world’s highest standard of living. The destruction of the Workers Reich was the result of an alliance between the usury / slave-based Capitalist and Communist systems. Nations like Russia and China have since drawn on the Programme’s lessons. As a result National Socialism continues to enrich peoples and nations. Some, like Libya, Iraq and some Latin American countries incurred the wrath of the U.S for selectively applying the programme’s principles.

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