Witness to History: Churchill’s War Volume Two


By Mike Walsh, Published in 2015

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Drawing on previously suppressed sources we learn how a passion to prevent war in 1939 was sabotaged by parliament’s war lobby and corrupt media. Churchill’s War resonates with similar conflicts today as a clique of war-profiteers deceives to profit from war. The freer internet and online book publishing has opened a Pandora’s Box of previously censored records. The outcome now divides society into the media dependent misinformed and the internet savvy well-informed. We now discover how we were duped into believing that belligerent Poland and the tyrannical war-mongering Soviet Union were innocent victims of Nazi aggression. Revealed is the conspiracy to condition a trusting British people into believing war with trade rival Germany was in their best interests. Churchill’s War was to result in 70 – 100 million deaths and incalculable human suffering. World War Two will never appear the same again. Churchill’s War is a well-researched authenticated revelation of war profiteering, press corruption, false flags, and propaganda.

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