Witness to History: The Adolf Hitler Reich Odyssey Volume One


By Mike Walsh, Published in 2015



Due to its size Witness to History Volume 1 is the first of four. Drawing on the words of those involved we witness events that shape our world today. The Russian Revolution is a fiction; the 1917 US financed coup d’état that replaced Russia’s parliament with the most Satanic evil to blight mankind lit a fuse that set the world in flames. As a result 70 – 100 million perished but Hitler gets the blame. Similar US ~ Bolshevik ambitions for 1918 Germany were thwarted. Volume 1 takes us into the triumphant counter-revolution by Adolf Hitler and his brown-shirt comrades. It leaves us breathless as we ponder the grandeur of the battle-scarred German eagle scattering its National Socialist blessings. Many believe that yesterday’s solution to the Communist International in its modified form must repeat if distressed Europe is to be saved from the threat waged by the same interests.

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