The Book of Esther

By Ben Klassen for Renegade Tribune

In the King James Version of the bible I have, there are a total of 39 “books” in the Old Testament. One of the most revealing of all these is the Book of Esther, which, more than any other, lays bare the essence of the jewish program, and the workings of the jewish mind. It is the favorite book of the jews. Nowhere throughout this book does the name of God Yahweh even appear.

The story starts out with King Ahasuerus of Persia giving a great feast to all his princes, nobles and servants from all the 127 provinces in his kingdom. In order to display the riches of his glorious kingdom, the event was evidently protracted over a period of 180 days. It was a magnificent and opulent affair.

It seems that on the seventh day when the King was somewhat imbued with wine, he commanded his seven chamberlains to bring before him the Queen, whose name was Vashti, so that he could show off her beauty to the people and the princes. However, somewhat of a problem developed, for Queen Vashti refused to come at the Kings command. This made the King very wroth.

On holding council with his seven topmost Princes, it was decided that Queen Vashti was to be punished and deprived of her position, and be replaced by another. This was also done as an object lesson to all the wives in the kingdom, so they would not be encouraged by her example in disobeying and defying their husbands. A search was to be made throughout the land for the fairest young virgins, to be brought unto Shushan Palace, so that the King could choose the best of them as his Queen.

Now in Shushan Palace there lurked a certain jew by the name of Mordecai. He brought with him a girl named Esther, who was his cousin. According to the jewish scriptwriters, she was “fair and beautiful,” and when her mother and father died, he took her for his own daughter. Seeking to get an entrée into the manipulation of the King’s court, Mordecai entered Esther into the sweepstakes. In so doing, he told her to keep her identity as a jewess a secret, and he himself remained in the background.

After a duly elapsed period of twelve months, during which the prospective brides went through much formality and protocol, lo and behold, “the King loved Esther above all the women” and “so that he set the royal crown upon her head, and made her Queen instead of Vashti.”

King Ahasuerus then gave another great feast with Esther as the Queen and Mordecai sitting in the King’s gate, biding hid time. At the same time he was continuously coaching and advising Esther and telling her not to reveal her jewish identity.

Mordecai furthermore trumped up some story of two of the King’s chamberlains allegedly plotting to kill the King. He then told this story to Esther and asked her to inform the King, making sure that she gave him, Mordecai, full credit for having brought this “vital information” and “saved” the King’s life. The King believed it, and had the two men hanged.

Here we have a typical jewish trick being demonstrated before us. Mordecai connived to accuse two innocent men of some dastardly act, informed on them, had them destroyed, and then sure that he got full credit for being the hero of this despicable plot.

The story now shifts to the King’s Prime Minister whose name was Haman. It seems that all the King’s servants and all those that were at court bowed and showed reverence to Haman, for the King had so commanded them concerning his First Minister. That is, everybody bowed except Mordecai, who on the contrary, showed hostility towards Haman.

This information was soon brought to Haman and he was also informed that Mordecai was a jew. This made Haman very angry, and instead of laying hands on Mordecai alone it says, “Haman sought to destroy all the jews that were throughout the whole kingdom.”

Haman thereupon went to the King and said to him “there is a certain people scattered abroad and dispersed among the people in all the provinces of they kingdom; and their laws are diverse from all people; neither keep they the King’s laws: therefore it is not for the King’s decree in writing that these people be destroyed and that 10,000 talents of silver be given to those that have charge of carrying this out.

The King so decreed and the orders in writing went out to every province of the kingdom, sealed with the King’s ring. The order read that upon a certain day to destroy, to kill, and to cause perish, all jews and to confiscate their property.

When Mordecai heard of this “he rent his clothes… there was great mourning among the jews, and fasting, and weeping, and wailing.”

Mordecai decided to play his trump card, namely, his cousin Esther who he had shrewdly placed in an extremely intimate and delicate position next to the center of power, namely, the throne, and the King himself. To make a long story short, between the manipulations and connivings, with Esther coached and directed by Mordecai, the King became so confused, submissive, servile that between the two of them, Mordecai and Esther, they were able to manipulate him easily as the present day jew, Henry Kissinger, manipulates Richard Nixon. The result was that King Ahasuerus completely reversed his order, turned against Haman, and had him hanged.

He went further than this. According to the jewish scriptwriters, the King set Mordecai over the position that Haman had occupied, naming him as his First Minister, and furthermore gave him his ring, which was the final seal of the King’s orders. Esther was given the house of Haman.

According to the story, they had King Ahasuerus so befuddled that not only did he give them the ring and seal, but the King asked Mordecai to write to the jews in all the provinces, giving him blanket authorization to order anything he wanted, all in the Kings name, and seal it with the Kings ring.

Now that he was in complete control, Mordecai got the King’s scribes together and had them write orders that the jews “which were in every city to gather themselves together, and to stand for their life, to destroy, to slay, and to cause to perish all the power of the people and province that would assault them, both little ones and women, and to take the spoil of them for a prey.” Mordecai then had riders on mules and camels and dromedaries ride out to all provinces of the land, distributing the King’s orders to the jews in every city of the land.

It says the “jews gathered themselves together in their cities throughout all the provinces of King Ahasuerus, to lay hand on such as sought their hurt: and no man could withstand them; for the fear of them fell upon all the people.”

How often this has happened in the ensuing centuries, as one people after another have become enslaved by the jews! The first prerequisite is that the fear of the jews falls upon the people.

It next says that “Thus the jews smote all their enemies with the stroke of the sword, and slaughter, and destruction, and did what they would unto those that hated them.” Undoubtedly the King’s lieutenants, following the order of their government, namely the King, were a great aid in helping the jews do their murderous dirty work.

We should remember that when the jews came to power in Russia, in one of the bloodiest massacres in history, they killed 20 million of the best White Russians and thereby destroyed for all time any leadership or resistance that the Russian people might have had. We must also remember that it was White pilots who burned and slaughtered 800,000 White people of Dresden, related elsewhere in this book.

It says the jews slew 75,000 of their foes. Esther also asked the King that Haman’s ten sons be hanged upon the gallows. The King commanded it to so be done and they were hanged.

After it was all over the jews celebrated and made it “a day of feasting and gladness.” To this day the jews celebrate the feast of Purim every year on the same day of the jewish calendar month, which falls either in February or March.

The jews just love the book of Esther. Why? Because Esther was typically jewish. She deceived and betrayed her husband, the King, who had raised her to great heights and made her Queen. She betrayed the people of Persia over which she had deceitfully connived her way to become Queen. She betrayed her husband, her King and her country. But she was fanatically loyal to her race— the ultimate virtue in the eyes of the jews— and rightfully so. The jews love her because she was the epitome of jewishness.

As with practically everything else in the bible, there is a wide difference of opinion among biblical scholars regarding the Book of Esther. Some scholars have regarded with this view, finding flaws with the book’s portrayal of Persian life, and pointing out there is no historical evidence of a jewish Queen of Persia. These scholars regard the Book of Esther as a romance reflecting their times, written possibly to explain the festival of Purim, which was already in existence.

I tend to agree with the latter group. I believe that the story of Esther is, again, purely a figment of the jewish mind to help bind their people together, in giving them a sense of mission, and above all, forever portraying the jews as triumphant over their enemies. Furthermore, the master blueprint of how to destroy a nation is clearly spelled out in this book for all future jewish generations.

The program is pretty clear: to attach jewish whores to the King’s and leaders of the various kingdoms of the White Race; to inveigle the jewish advisors into the confidence of those in power in government; and then, with their jewish network of conspirators spread throughout the land, to gain control of the people of that country. Then they have brought that country to a position where they can then turn on the opposition, to kill such opposition and to destroy every last vestige of leadership that may then, or anytime in the future, oppose them.

This the jews have done in country after country over the last several thousand years, and brought their host countries down to destruction. One of the grizzliest examples of recent times is the history of Russia.

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  1. Klassen is an antichrist, and/or merely a Christophobe.

    This has been well-known for decades. So, when HE starts writing about the books of the Bible, (as if he ha ANY spiritual insight at all!) ANYTHING he can use to besmirch the Israelites (who are in no way connected to the post-AD 100 [sic] ‘Jews’-

    is fair game to him. Sorry, but the world is not buying this BS anymore. Oh, maybe some ‘one standard deviation’ pseduo-Aryans, but not those who study history, theology, and know our people’s ancestry.

    Today’s Jews are in no way connected to the Bible. THEIR [sic] ‘holy book’ is the Talmud. Which is a compilation of treatises by post-Edomitic/Khazarian imposters, to AVOID the Law of God, which Christians have been enjoined to obey, lo, these 2000 years.

    Klassen can just go to Hell. His propaganda is Traif… as is he.


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