In Defence of British Men

By Courtney for the Occidental Observer

We recently saw the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, who may not have shared our beliefs entirely (we don’t know for sure) but who I thought spent her entire life maintaining the proper decorum and class of British tradition and conducted herself like a lady the whole time. Her tragic but expected passing has caused me to spend a few moments thinking of these special islands in the North Atlantic where my ancestors came from. I also shed a few tears thinking about them. I don’t think I love any other ethnic group more than the British when recognizing them historically and not just in the modern sense. I love them even more than I do being a Southerner. You could call me an Anglophile. Shouldn’t I be one since that is where my blood is from?

Now before anyone critiques me on English vs British vs UK vs British Isles, I am talking about the four main nationalities that inhabit those two islands off of Northwest Europe. As a Southerner I am descended from all of them except for perhaps Welsh. I know Northern Ireland is separate from Ireland, but I don’t want to nit-pick too much because I want to broadly talk about all four groups together since they have interacted so closely over the centuries. So, from here on out I will just say “British”, and I hope I don’t offend the same group that I am writing today to lavish praise on.

In other news, other than the Queen, we also hear that it is currently being celebrated that no White men will currently hold the top positions in British politics under the new UK prime minister. The demographic that gave the world more achievements than any other is now not allowed to run its own country. I know when I am on James Edwards’s show I like to say “we” when talking about what my ancestors achieved even though it was primarily men and not women who achieved these things. I fully understand that. But I still like to say “we” and claim the achievements because I am related to these men by blood and can therefore claim them as “mine.” I am also very proud of them. British women were important because for centuries they were the mothers of great British men as well as the supporting wives, even though they didn’t create the achievements. But I still like to claim the achievements as “mine” since this is my blood and I am proud of it.

It causes me to ponder and shed some tears thinking about how no other group in the world is currently more underappreciated than British men are on the global scale. We expect this disrespect from the Left, but I would like to take a moment to observe how indifferent and condescending people are on the so called Right — all parts of the Right I might add. If you are confused, I can easily give some examples.

The South where I am from is one of the most conservative parts of the country as well as the most racially aware. Yet we seem to be the most out of touch with our ancestry compared to other White Americans. On one hand this is entirely understandable. What else do we expect from Southerners when we have been in America for so long and we just want to say we are “American.” In a sense that is correct, but I would think a group of people would want to know more about where they came from, and many Southerners do, and I need to give them credit.

But then you have the others who quite ignorantly turn up their noses when they hear the word “British” and they immediately go into rants about “weak men who drink tea and like soccer instead of football.” If you ask them if they will watch the Queen’s funeral, they will say “we got rid of our King centuries ago,” or “who cares?”  As a Southerner I have never related to this ignorance and have actually had a great fondness for the British since I was a girl and have felt a closer connection to them than I do to most Americans. I am not just picking on Southerners. Their attitudes are representative of much of red state America.

I see parallel disdains in other parts of the Right. In our very own movement, it seems common to look down on many of Britain’s achievements from more recent centuries, such as the idea of freedom, the creation of America, and what the Founding Fathers achieved. I am personally a loving fan of the Founding Fathers. They created something remarkable and monumental. I don’t think any other ethnic group would have come up with something remotely similar. What I find peculiar about the people in our movement who criticize Britain’s achievements and ideas from the Enlightenment is that they do it while choosing to remain in a country created by British men from that time, instead of moving elsewhere, and they also do it while speaking the English language and while using many British inventions.

I have never met even one person inside or outside the movement who has chosen to leave this country and go back to their country of origin, wherever that may be.  And usually when people speak of leaving, they mention possibly heading to another British creation such as Canada or Australia. People on both the Right and the Left look down on the Anglosphere for different reasons, yet they all choose to remain in Anglosphere countries. I doubt I am alone among British people or people with British ancestry in wishing a large number of people would leave our countries if they are so disgusted by them. The British are just as much an ethnic group with an ancient history—as ancient as any other, and we deserve our own countries where we can stay the majority just like any other ethnic group does.

I have a great deal of respect for Eastern Europe. I think it is an interesting place with a remarkable culture and I wish the best for its people. Much of our movement has an odd fascination with moving to Eastern Europe, even people who have no ancestry from there. They fantasize about that part of the world, yet almost nobody moves there to start over.  Nor do I encourage people to move there unless they themselves have blood ties to that part of the world. I want to see Eastern Europe survive just as I wish the same for Great Britain.

What I find particularly disturbing is how many in our movement seem to cheer the future of Eastern Europe as our only hope for the future while condemning Great Britain as a lost cause doomed for destruction and no chance of survival. For people who have British ancestry to do this comes across as odd to me and very unnatural. I myself refuse to partake in this mindset. A culture that has existed on that island (islands) for over 1,000 years and that spent the past few centuries leaving a mark on the world far more impressive than any other group should not be condemned to disappear just because it has become obsessed with multiculturalism for 70 years. Again, to see actual people with British ancestry in our movement think this way is very concerning to me.

I follow Mark Collett and his work with Patriotic Alternative over in Britain. He seems to be an optimist about his country. He is always giving uplifting reports about the progress of his organization and how they are constantly attracting more and more White British people. They even do door-to-door surveys all over the country and have interviewed a large number of White British people. If I recall correctly, one such survey had at least 60 to 70% of respondents agreeing that the current immigration to Britain is not a good thing. As Mark pointed out, how many more would have answered honestly if they could say so in private with nobody coming to their door?

I love being an American Southerner, but if the day comes where I have to move from Dixie, my first choice is Great Britain. I don’t care if they have a bigger diversity problem than Eastern Europe. I pick Great Britain because that is me. That is my blood. I can’t imagine going elsewhere.

And I still have hope for that great country because that is naturally what you are supposed to do for your homeland where your very blood came from. If you think the future will be wonderful for the White race without Great Britain, I would be careful what you wish for. It might not be so grand. The world would be unrecognizable. So don’t give up on it so quickly.

British men should stop having a low opinion of themselves. You have so much to be proud of. You are Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Isaac Newton, George Washington, Thomas Savory, Francis Drake, Charles Darwin, Francis Galton, and many others. You are the creators of the Industrial Revolution, much of calculus, and much of modern medicine. You created the fairest justice system in the world. You settled new continents. Everyone in the world wants to move to countries you created. If they don’t respect the founders of these countries, then they should leave. I would be happy to see them go.

The British are a people too. They aren’t just a universal phantom group that anyone can become a part of. We were a great people for centuries. It was only recently that we started hating ourselves and we are the absolute last people in the world who should.

Courtney from Alabama is an Anglophile, wife, mother, and regular contributor to The Political Cesspool Radio Program. 

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