Canadian Resistance

By Riley Donovan for the Council of European Canadians

We at the CEC are cranking out quality, hard-hitting, often academic-level articles on a frequent basis. The easiest way to help us directly is to send in donations so we can pay out honorariums to our great writers, pay for technical improvements to the website. We greatly appreciate those who have sent in donations! As an independent website with no external funding, we depend on the generosity of our readers.

The CEC also strongly supports our readers engaging in creative, peaceful acts of local resistance in your towns, communities, and neighbourhoods. Although long-time readers may be tired of our frequent insistence on activism, they must bear with us and understand that even individual acts of resistance can have far-reaching ripples across the entire society. Below is a short list to get you started; some classic forms of activism, some new. If readers have their own ideas for concrete actions that people can take which don’t require much money (no need for pie-in-the-sky laundry lists of federal government policies that need to be enacted), please share in the comment section of articles!

  • Libraries are great spots for activism. Simply requesting Canada in Decay can expose many to the truth. Another great, cheap form of activism is to print out a few articles and place them in the pocket literature section. Who cares if they get removed? Put some more the next day.
  • The attack on the Western literary canon continues unabated, with Agatha Christie’s classic And Then There Were None being the latest victim. One way of responding to this assault is to form “Truth Societies”, where members buy based books like Canada in Decay and the classic works of Bronte, Hardy, Virgil, Melville, and so on, and on a chosen sunny day of month spread 20, 30, or 50 on various park benches and café tables. A printed note in each explaining that this “book bombing” is in defence of Western Civilization, with a link to at the end, will guarantee a flurry of CBC and local news articles denouncing the evil far-right defenders of literature.
  • We now have stickers available in our Community Activism section. Simply print them out and put them up on lamposts, bus stops, etc. This is a great way to spread the word to huge numbers of people as they pass by.
  • Cause a ruckus whenever a leftist policy is proposed in your community, such as the destruction of old museums or the renaming of buildings. Keeping communities in a state of culture war elevates the issues we care about and keeps them at the forefront of politics.
  • If an issue arises in your community that you wish to raise hell about without losing your job, write an anonymous submission to and we will publish it in the following format: “Concerned Sudbury Citizen Speaks Out About Local Immigration Program”, “Merritt Resident Exposes Brainwashing in Local High School”, etc.
  • Finally, consider tuning into Mad Max’s livestreams on Youtube or Rumble, and ask questions about immigration, identity, etc (Mad Max answer questions during a Q and A portion at the end of each livestream). This is key to shifting the Overton Window by pushing the PPC towards identitarianism.

Share your ideas for activism below, and  let us know how implementing any of the above ideas works out in your community.

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