Germany’s War


By John Wear, Published in 2015



Germany’s War by John Wear refutes this characterization of Germany, bringing history into accord with the facts. Germany’s War documents that the Allied leaders of the Soviet Union, Great Britain and the United States were primarily responsible for starting and prolonging World War II-costing million of lives. Far from being the conqueror of Europe, Adolf Hitler saved it from Stalin.
The leaders of Great Britain and America also adopted policies designed to force war with Germany. Britain’s unconditional guarantee to Poland led to horrific acts of violence against Poland’s ethnic Germans and, thus, Germany was forced to invade Poland to end these atrocities. Franklin Roosevelt’s numerous provocations, including a shoot-on-sight policy against German shipping and leaked plans of a U.S. invasion of Germany, forced Germany to declare war on the U.S. despite Hitler’s desire for peace.
This book also reports the Allied mass murder of the German people after the end of World War II during which the Allies, led by General Dwight D. Eisenhower, murdered approximately 1.5 million German prisoners of war through intentional starvation and exposure to the elements. At least another 2.1 million ethnic Germans expelled from their homes also died in what was supposed to be an “orderly and humane” relocation. The Allies murdered millions of additional Germans through intentional starvation after the war ended… the methods, the brutality and the deceptions will shock you.

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