Reich and Wrong: Democracy, Tyranny and Two Plutocracies


By Mike Walsh, Published in 2016



The Third Reich was in conflict less than 5 years; the victors tirelessly spun the struggle for 70 years. Hitler’s Reich lasted 13.5 years so what happened to the missing 7.6 years of peace? During years of harmony the Reich created an economy, prosperity and lifestyle no Western country could hope to match. Why is this period taboo? Unlike the U.S. Soviet Union and England, Hitler’s Germany added no territory by conquest. Only after being provoked beyond endurance by English and U.S trade sanctions, Soviet and Polish threats and provocations, did Hitler’s Germany respond. REICH AND WRONG in one volume gives insight into the rarely glimpsed 1930s world of Hitler’s Reich. Using images and content airbrushed out of the propagandists narrative compare life in 1930s Germany, the Soviet Union, U.S. and Britain. The contrasts give you pause for thought.

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