Uncensored Adolf Hitler: His Words Your Thoughts


By Mike Walsh, Published in 2015



Victors’ propaganda tells us what they claim Adolf Hitler said. In vain we search for the actual words uttered by this great social reformer. From the ashes of the failed Weimar Republic Adolf Hitler in just three years created the world’s happiest and most prosperous nation. The most popular leader in European history had much to say about his vision for Germany, Europe and a more just world for all races; a world liberated from the cancer of Capitalism and Communism. Why are his words censored? It would be easier to cut to the chase and see what Germany’s redeemer truly said? We can then make up our own minds instead of having them conditioned by someone whose name is anonymous. What mystic forces compelled him to such greatness that even after 80-years of demonization he remains the most popular leader in European history? Uncensored Adolf Hitler is what it says on the can.

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